Tech giant Microsoft has launched new artificial intelligence-powered conversation boosters offering product updates across its business apps portfolio. The next-generation AI assistant will provide tailored enterprises access to the recently launched OpenAI API.

Microsoft Launches AI Conversation Booster “Copilot”

The tech behemoth has partnered with OpenAI – an artificial intelligence company behind popular chatbot ChatGPT – to develop the new AI assistant feature. The new AI feature will use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, an AI protocol allowing businesses to access the OpenAI API.

In a March 7 interview with TechCrunch, Charles Lamanna, the CPV of business apps and platforms at Microsoft, confirmed the launching of the new conversation booster, noting that Microsoft began developing the new feature four years ago. He explained:

“Over the last four years, we’ve been on a journey to bring generative AI and foundation models to the workplace.” Microsoft has a longstanding partnership with OpenAI to commercialize the vendor’s tech in Microsoft’s products and through the Azure OpenAI Service. We’ve reached the point where the tech and product can enable transformative customer outcomes.”

Microsoft anticipates integrating the new AI feature in its Power Platform, a protocol setting low-code for building apps and workflows, Dynamics 365, the company’s suite of enterprise resource planning and consumer relationship management (CRM) tools.

How Does New Copilot Operate?

The new feature, “Copilot,” aims to automate some of the more repetitive sales and light customer service tasks. In Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales, the new Copilot will help write email responses to customers and create an email summary of terms in Outlook. Copilot will extract details from the seller’s CRM, such as product and pricing. Lamanna explained:

“We securely and intelligently access information from customers’ CRM, ERP, and other enterprise data sources at runtime. We use large language models to combine the enterprise data with underlying knowledge to produce responses tuned for each customer. Importantly, we don’t use customers’ data to train the models.”

Furthermore, the new Copilot can draft contextual answers to customer queries through chat or email and provide an interactive chat experience for customer service agents that draw from knowledge bases.

The new “conversation booster” may also be integrated into Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft’s chatbot builder, to lets companies connect a bot to resources like a website or knowledge base to use that data to respond to simple questions that the bot hasn’t been trained on.

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