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The race to dominate the artificial intelligence market is only getting fierce every day with Microsoft not leaving anything to chance, as it sprinkles AI all over its app empire.

According to a report by IdeaUsher, the global mobile app economy was valued at $206.85 billion by the end of 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% during the period between 2023 and 2030.

Mobile app usage across the world has grown consistently for several years and is unlikely to reach the ceiling in the near future. The IdeaUsher report projects the mobile app industry to be valued at $201 by the of this year.

Tech companies are positioning themselves to capitalize on the remarkable growth experienced in mobile app revenue, currently with a CAGR of 19.5%. Meanwhile, consumer app spending may grow to surpass $270 billion by the end of 2025.

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Microsoft Mobile App Suite Receives Numerous AI Updates

Since Microsoft doubled down on its massive investment in OpenAI, the American company behind the most popular chatbot ChatGPT earlier in the year, the tech behemoth has been on an AI overdrive.

In addition to users being able to access ChatGPT rival Bing Chat on the web, Microsoft is expanding its AI coverage to its mobile app empire in a move likely to ensure it stays ahead of competition from the likes of Google.

Last week, the Redmond headquartered multinational announced oodles of AI updates for its dedicated web search engine from the desktop to mobile platforms.

As TechCrunch reported, the updates being rolled out on both desktop and mobile platforms, consist of videos, Knowledge Cards, graphs, improved formatting, and social sharing options within Bing Chat.

Additionally, chat history will be accessible for users on both platforms, enabling them to review their past activities seamlessly. Microsoft informed users that the mobile version will be the first to receive this new feature.

Microsoft & OpenAI – Image courtesy of Razzem

The raft of updates Microsoft has planned would soon enable users to add a Bing Chat widget to their Android or iPhone home screen. Redmond believes that such widgets are needed for ease of access and therefore enhance the convenience of its AI-powered mobile applications.

That said, future updates will make life much simpler for users of Microsoft products, as clicking on the Bing app icon would instantly direct someone to chat as well as the microphone, which when tapped allows voiced prompts.

With the seamless integration of the platforms, it would be possible to start a conversation on the desktop and carry on with it on the mobile app. This feature is expected to roll out in a week’s time.

Another update Microsoft says it’s working on is support for multiple languages, especially for voiced prompts which will now cover many regions and countries.

Bing Chat on the Mobile Edge Browser, SwiftKey Keyboard, and Skype

With the emergence of AI chatbots, it is becoming a common practice to summarize articles, books, and other online resources and Microsoft is positioning itself as the go-to platform when searching on mobile.

Searching on the Edge browser app would also enable users to interact at a deeper level with the content they are consuming, including the ability to make unique prompts in connection to the mobile website opened.
Bing Chat will summarize news articles, highlight sections of the content, phrase, or word and start a conversation directly in the chatbot to find more information as the user deems necessary.

Microsoft is also working on several updates targeting its SwiftKey keyboard. In addition to having AI features like the ability to compose text using the parameters like tone, length, and the topic provided by the user, it will soon be able to write emails.

Users can look forward to this innovative feature early next month. Microsoft is not stopping there, as it plans to integrate an AI-powered translator to boost the SwiftKey keyboard.

SwiftKey keyboard – Photo courtesy of Pureinfotech

Another incredible update revolutionizing Redmond’s mobile app empire is the ability for users on Skype to use Bing in group chats.

It has been approximately 100 days since Microsoft released Bing Chat-powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. No one would have imagined at the time that the corporation will sprinkle AI features across almost all its product lines, including Microsoft 365 Office Suite, as reported earlier this month.

But again, Microsoft could be reacting to increasing competition from the likes of Google, which released Bard, its dedicated ChatGPT rival for use by everyone during the Google I/O 2023 developer event.

Like Apple, Google has been taking time to execute its AI plan and how it will roll out the chatbot across its suite of mobile apps. Users can expect Google to introduce AI in workspaces and possibly push out Bard as a widget on iOS and Android home screens.

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