Meta Teases Reels for Quest VR
Source: New York Post

Facebook parent company Meta is rolling out reels for its Quest VR headset. This was announced by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Reels Similar to Its Instagram Variant

The founder and CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced the launch of VR-powered reels for the Quest VR in a broadcast message.

Much like its Instagram variant, the VR-powered reels allow users to surf through them in a pop-up window that appears alongside a virtual background.

Although the news was made on an Instagram broadcast channel, Zuckerberg has not been forthcoming on whether this functionality will be available for Quest-powered Instagram apps and when it will be available for widespread use or testing.

Nonetheless, it has generated a lot of excitement online, with the post already gathering over 270k views and 6,500 likes on the Meta Channel.

Meta’s recent move is a testament to its intent to mark its edge over peers like Apple Inc. in the VR competition.

In its recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5, the iPhone maker announced a soon-to-be-launched Vision Pro headset which it says will introduce the new age of ‘spatial computing.’

Zuckerberg has been quick to react and applaud the company’s unique look on the often tough question surrounding the virtual reality landscape.

However, he also pointed out that Apple’s demo presentations were more focused on individual use cases than providing a template for a community to thrive on.

Quest VR headset.
Source: Business Insider

Speaking to The Verge, Zuckerberg said Meta is approaching VR from a social angle. He said the company is focused on allowing people to interact and feel closer in new ways.

He also added that Meta’s Quest VR devices were all about being active and doing things.

Zuckerberg pointed out the accessibility and affordability of Meta’s Quest devices as opposed to Apple’s staggering $3,499 Vision Pro headset.

Meta has recently launched a more affordable version of its Quest 3 VR devices going for $499.

In addition, the Harvard graduate pointed out that Apple’s Vision Pro headset is not a novel concept nor the technology it introduces.

He stated that all the tech showcased in the demo was already available on the Meta platform.

Meta Taking On TikTok On Reels

While it might seem like grabbing at straws, Meta seems to be playing the long game.

Quest VR headset tiktik
Source: BMF VR

According to new reports, its reel engagement has significantly surged in the past year. In an April survey by Morgan Stanley, about 74% of Meta Instagram users watch reels, compared to 69% in September 2022 and 62% in March 2022.

Conversely, fellow social media behemoth TikTok has seen its reels growth flattening.

A further survey showed that the amount of time spent on Meta-owned instant messaging (IM) platforms has significantly surged higher than TikTok in the last five months, pointing to a change of guard in the future.

Market experts believe this will significantly boost the social media giant’s revenue in the coming years.

Meta is also not slowing down in its quest to launch a direct Twitter competitor.

According to leaked reports, the company is looking to launch Project 92 in the coming months and is already contacting popular celebrities and creators to be early adopters.

The company says that the new app will be sanely run and follow due regulations across borders.

The social media behemoth is looking to further consolidate its position in the new age of the internet as it continues test-running its hypothesis on the metaverse.

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