Marvel Entertainment has announced the creation of a new fitness app featuring superheroes from the Marvel comics who will provide interactive sessions for various types of physical exercises but mainly running.

A Superhero Fitness App

In collaboration with Six to Start, the developers of the Zombie, Run! Fitness app, Marvel looks forward to launching its own fitness app named Marvel Move.

The app will operate similarly to Zombie, Run! Instead of being motivated to run by the undead apocalypse, Marvel Move will have an immersive experience, using audio by famous Marvel characters.

The fitness application will have a feature, incorporating popular fictional characters like Thor, Doctor Strange, and others, who will have their unique narratives for users to select from and engage with while working out, as a source of inspiration. For instance, by choosing Hulk’s storyline, users have to run from the authorities together with Bruce and Betty Banner who are attempting to hide the Hulk from the world.

“In most of the stories we’re doing, you aren’t a superhero. You aren’t inhabiting Quicksilver or becoming Tony Stark,” says Adrian Hon, CEO and co-founder of Six to Start. “We had to come up with ways where you, a normal person, can participate and be meaningful in these stories. The way we’ve done it in Marvel Move is you’re someone who is in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time,” he adds.

The app is expected to launch with specific storylines, including Thor & Loki: Asgard 5K Training, X-Men: Age of ORCHIS, The Hulk: Hulkville, Daredevil: Terminal Degree, and Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch: In Dreams.

After choosing a storyline, users will have the option of performing an exercise outdoors, on a treadmill, or wherever they prefer. Each exercise will represent a “chapter” within the novel.

While running is the primary focus of this app, there are other options available, like the ability to walk or jog between exercises. “Users have full control over the time or distance of their runs, can enable thrilling chases when they want to intensify their workout, and can track their activity whether they’re outdoors, on a treadmill, in a wheelchair, and more,” said Marvel in a press release.

Marvel Move Founders Club

According to Hon, the duration of each of the tales varies, for instance, the Thor story is a 24–25 episode saga which will allow the user to complete a 5K. He further explains that the difficult part is adding believable narratives for why you might be sprinting at a 30-second interval and then walking for 15 seconds.

Even though each of the narratives doesn’t have a distinct level of difficulty, he says the Thor plot was written with beginners in mind.
“Usually, the story will explicitly have you need to run a specific distance. It’ll be like, ‘Oh, the Helicarrier is stranded 10 kilometers away, and you need to run 10 kilometers to make it there.’ And we’ll have a story play out as you’re getting closer, and people will be reading out your distance as you go,” says the Six to Start CEO.

Marvel is set to release their new app during the summer for both Android and iOS platforms. Based on the details revealed thus far, it’s expected that the app will be available through a subscription, which isn’t surprising.

The app will be accessible for $74.99 a year via Six to Start, but the company says if a user joins before the launch, they get the chance to be part of the Marvel Move Founders Club for $99.

In the Club, users receive a two-year subscription to Marvel Move, a free month of Zombies, Run!, a free trial of Marvel Unlimited, and access to exclusive Q&A live streams.

Fight Out – Your Train To Earn Companion

Another fitness app worth checking out is Fight Out, a gaming and wearing ecosystem, using a unique train-to-earn model. Fight Out launched recently after raising $6.2 million in one of the best-performing crypto presales of 2023.

The platform encourages users to be fighting fit while interacting in an expansive yet exciting metaverse where they can play to earn.

Players on Fight Out battle in a variety of gaming modes and are rewarded with crypto tokens for their achievements in addition to being able to mint their own NFT avatars as soon as they sign up.

Users on the Fight Out take advantage of bespoke training workouts supported by exclusive ambassador masterclasses.

You can buy FGHT, the token powering the ecosystem on various exchanges including LBank, BKEX, XT.COM, and Bitforex.

FGHT is trading at $0.0104 on Thursday, down 5.5% in 24 hours although it is worth mentioning that the token has the potential to pick up the pace significantly as the crypto winter fades.

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