linkedin Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing industries, with a plethora of tech and e-commerce giants rolling out AI-focused services to help their customers stay on top of their game.

One such company is the professional social media network LinkedIn, which has launched an AI profile writing tool for its customers.

First Social Media Network With AI Capabilities

Meta, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the largest social networking platforms in the world.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, has separated itself from the general trend of instant messaging by establishing a social network for professionals.

As part of its strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors, the professional networking platform has launched an AI profile writing tool – the first full service amongst social media platforms.

In a March 15 blog post, the professionally-focused social network announced the launch of its line of AI services targeted at profile writing.

According to the social network service, its AI tool will leverage the latest and most advanced OpenAI GPT models to help users and job seekers generate personalized writing suggestions.

The new AI tool is expected to work by identifying the most important skills and experiences in the users’ About and Headline sections and then generate authentic and powerful suggestions to enable their profile to stand out from the crowd.

The AI tool will take over the task of crafting profile pieces, saving users time and energy.

However, these AI-powered profile suggestions will not be the ultimate solution.

According to LinkedIn, users will still have a hand in the process and can edit the profile suggestions to maintain their identity and preferred tone.

For now, the AI profile writing service will be available to a limited number of LinkedIn Premium subscribers before expanding to all others in the coming months.

Suites of AI Tools for Both Work and Employee Hiring

Given how difficult it can be to properly itemize and communicate one’s best skills and experiences, an AI-powered profile writing tool may be quite a catch.

LinkedIn, however, has not stopped there. The company also recently launched a collaborative articles AI service to enable the start of AI conversation starters created by the LinkedIn editorial team.

The social network will then use its LinkedIn Skills Graph to match each article with a relevant expert, who will provide additional insights on the topic discussed.

This way, users can learn from one another and get feedback from other individuals without worrying about how they can break the ice or take the first step.

Another AI tool from LinkedIn is a new AI-powered job description tool that enables users to write their job descriptions faster and better.

LinkedIn users only needs to input their basic information, job title, and company name. The tool will then proceed to create a job description within seconds.

The user also retains the option to edit and change the job description till it meets their expected output.

AI tools are rapidly flowing into the market, with tech giants like Microsoft and Meta directly interfacing with the booming industry.

Microsoft recently launched its suite of AI tools called 365 Dynamics Copilot. According to the software company, the fleet of AI tools will provide interactive, AI-powered assistance across various business functions.

These business functions will target sales, service, marketing, operations, and supply chain roles.

While providing more insight, Microsoft stated that its AI tool would assist sales departments in writing emails to their customers in record time and creating email summaries of a team’s meeting in Outlook.

Its customer service AI tool will help craft contextual answers for both email and chat, as well as offer interactive chat experiences for their knowledge bases.

The list goes on and shows the huge potential impact AI will have on our way of working and living.