linkedin adds new ai tools for profile fine-tuning and recruiting

LinkedIn announced that it will be adding two new tools that will be powered by artificial intelligence, one to help users fine-tune their profiles and the other to facilitate the process of creating a new ad for a job.

The professional networking platform explained that it is once again leveraging the technology and AI models created by OpenAI to assist users in adding descriptions to their profiles that can better showcase their strengths.

Professionals can use the AI tool as a starting point to fill the “About” section of their personal page by using the information contained in the profile such as the person’s work experiences and academic achievements. Users will still be able to tweak and customize the final text as they prefer.

Only a selected group of premium subscribers will have the chance to test the tool for now but the platform plans to fully roll out the feature to all premium users soon.

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In addition, LinkedIn is making things easier for recruiters with its new AI-powered job descriptions, a feature that automatically adds key elements to the job post by just writing the name of the position and the company.

HR professionals can use these AI-generated job descriptions to save time and effort. They can add further information or modify the suggested text as needed to make sure the ad reflects the exact characteristics of the job and the skills of the professional they are looking to hire.

LinkedIn Makes Available Over 100 Free Courses About AI

LinkedIn is also raising awareness and providing training opportunities associated with artificial intelligence. To this end, it has made available more than 100 free online courses about AI that will be accessible to all LinkedIn users until 15 June 2023.

The courses are available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, and German, among others. Another 20 courses taught by well-known figures in the AI field will also be added to the platform soon.

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“One of the most powerful ways to think of AI is as your co-pilot, your incredibly capable assistant, constantly at your side to help you excel at your task at hand and in your career”, commented Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer in regards to this disruptive technology.

These new tools are being added roughly two weeks after the platform introduced its “collaborative articles”. LinkedIn deemed these topics as “conversation-starters”. Professionals across the network will be asked to share their anecdotes and experiences in regards to the subject at hand.

These individuals will be selected by using the platform’s Skills Graph and artificial intelligence to make sure that those who contribute have something valuable to add to the conversation.

Microsoft Keeps Making AI a Core Feature Across All of its Business Units

LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft (MSFT) in 2016. The platform has grown to become the largest professional network in the world with over 875 million registered users as of the fourth quarter of 2022 according to data from Business of Apps.

The platform is probably taking advantage of its parent company’s ongoing partnership with OpenAI and its powerful cloud infrastructure Azure to integrate AI tools into its suite of products and services.

Microsoft has been making an extensive effort to position itself as the leader in the up-and-coming segment of AI-powered software. The company is expected to announce how it will use OpenAI’s technology to revamp its legacy productivity solution MS Office two days from now.

This may just be the beginning of what AI can do to LinkedIn as the platform could soon tap into this technology to create powerful models to match the best prospective candidates for any particular job, enhance its personalized job recommendations, create advanced interviewing software, and develop highly sophisticated skill assessment and resume analysis tools.

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