Artificial intelligence technology continues to gain mainstream adoption across various businesses, technology firms, and institutions. In recent weeks, the new tech has attracted heated discussion within the tech community, with many people wondering whether it would wipe out their jobs anytime soon.

The Fate of Jobs Following ChatGPT Invention

The new AI technology, which came into the spotlight last year, might be integrated to create robot models featuring human functionalities. In recent weeks, several tech firms have even incorporated new tech to develop general-purpose robots which perform just like humans.

Professors from New York University, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania, have written their opinion in a newspaper dubbed “How Will Language Modelers like ChatGPT Affect Occupations and Industries?” to answer whether AI adoption poses any threat to jobs.

Even though the research paper is yet to be thoroughly reviewed, the findings are not pleasing. According to the team of experts, many occupations are exposed to risk following the adoption of AI technology. The researchers explained:

“We find that the top occupations exposed to language modeling include telemarketers and a variety of post-secondary teachers such as English language and literature, foreign language and literature, and history teachers. We find the top industries exposed to advances in language modeling are legal services and securities, commodities, and investments.”

Industry Experts Weigh In On AI Adoption

According to researchers, many teachers, technicians, and financial service personnel will likely succumb due to the evolution of language–modeling AI such as ChatGPT. In the research paper, NYU Stern’s Rob Seamans, Princeton Computer scientist Ed Felten and Minav Raj noted that many jobs have succumbed due to advances in AI between 2010 and 2015:

“The key insight was to map ten areas in which AI was advancing (image recognition, speech recognition, language modeling, abstract strategy games, etc.) to 52 abilities used in occupations.”

In a short blog post, Seamans noted that AI advancement would likely impact telemarketers, as their occupation will probably be handed to the machines. In this case, customer responses can be fed into a language modeling engine in real time, and relevant, customer-specific prompts quickly fed to the telemarketer.

Nonetheless, AI advancement will have some positive impact as the language modeling AI might change the way teachers “assign work,” “detect cheating, or use the programs to “develop teaching materials.” In the meantime, most bosses have already begun replacing employees with machines.

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