Bluesky, a decentralized social network similar to Twitter, has announced a temporary pause on new sign-ups due to performance issues resulting from an influx of users. The platform requires an invite code to join, but the surge in new users has posed challenges for Bluesky, leading to degraded performance. The team is working to resolve these issues and plans to resume invite code functionality soon.

Performance Issues and Temporary Pause

Bluesky has faced performance issues following Twitter’s implementation of limits on the number of tweets users can see in a day. As a result, Bluesky’s status page currently indicates degraded performance, with slow loading times for posts. The relatively new social media platform acknowledged the record-high traffic it has been experiencing and is working to address the situation by pushing out mobile app updates.

Source @Bluesky

Twitter’s owner Elon Musk announced new limits on the number of tweets users can see in a day as a response to the data scraping issue. Verified account holders are limited to 6,000 posts per day, while unverified users face a significantly reduced limit of 600 posts. Newly registered, unverified users have an allowance of only 300 posts per day.

Growing Dissatisfaction with Twitter

The influx of users to Bluesky from Twitter suggests a growing dissatisfaction with the platform. Several factors may contribute to this discontent, including recent changes to Twitter’s policies, it’s handling of misinformation, and the overall direction under Elon Musk’s ownership.

This recent incident is not the first technical hiccup Twitter has faced in recent months. The microblogging platform has since Musk took over implemented various unorthodox measures to tackle issues and maintain stability.

Twitter’s decision to restrict access to its platform for non-logged-in users earlier this week is another example of the platform’s attempts to address ongoing challenges.

The limitations imposed by Elon Musk on Twitter have sparked frustration among users, leading to complaints about being locked out and unable to access newer tweets. Hashtag #Twitterdown trended as users encountered the “rate limit exceeded” error.

Some users have taken this opportunity to distance themselves from the addictive app, while others have criticized Musk’s changes to censorship policies. The ongoing disruptions have prompted mixed reactions among Twitter’s user base.

Can Bluesky Overtake Twitter?

Bluesky’s decentralized nature sets it apart from Twitter, providing users with more control over their data and privacy. According to The Verge, Bluesky aims to be more open and democratic, allowing users to have a say in its features and policies. As a young platform still in development, Bluesky offers users a less restrictive environment compared to Twitter’s established framework.

It has recently seen its growth increase exponentially and now hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded the app and over 1 million others are on the waitlist to join.

While Bluesky’s recent surge in popularity suggests it could become a serious competitor to Twitter, it is still too early to determine its long-term prospects.

Scaling and attracting a large user base are significant challenges for any new social media platform. However, the dissatisfaction with Twitter and the growing interest in Bluesky demonstrate the potential for a shift in the social media landscape.

The Way Forward For Twitter

In a bid to address the burgeoning user concerns, Musk announced revised rates on July 1. While the temporary rate limits provide a short-term solution, how long these restrictions will remain in place remains to be seen.

The spike in user migration from Twitter to Bluesky accentuates the imperative for social media sites to rank user experience high and confront issues including data privacy, limitations, and censorship rules. In the ever-transforming social media environment, Twitter, as well as nascent platforms like Bluesky, grapple with the task of fulfilling user demands and sustaining a vigorous user community.

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