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Digital platforms have undeniably changed the marketing industry over the past decade, with influencers playing an instrumental role.

Yet, recent research suggests a shift in consumer preferences, indicating the potential decline of influencer marketing. The majority of consumers (90%) now express a preference for content produced by their peers, rather than paid influencers.

The Decline of Influencer Marketing

Not so long ago, social media influencers held sway over the online marketplace, with their endorsement being a coveted resource for brands. Their presence in our social media feeds was ubiquitous and largely unchallenged.

But today, the allure of influencers appears to be fading. According to a recent survey conducted by EnTribe, there has been an intriguing shift in consumer sentiment.

Source: EnTribe
Source: EnTribe

In this survey conducted in April 2023, involving more than a thousand American consumers, it was revealed that a substantial 81% of consumers were unaffected by a brand’s association with an influencer.

For many, influencers have lost their credibility, with 51% stating that they overlook influencer posts while scrolling through their feeds.

The Rise of Authentic Consumer-Generated Content

This declining interest isn’t surprising, given that 86% of respondents regularly encounter influencer posts. Some even expressed strong resentment, with nearly a third declaring their aversion to these posts and questioning their trustworthiness.

The survey indicates that influencer marketing may not be as effective as previously thought: only 12% of respondents reported making a purchase based on an influencer’s promotion, and a concerning 42% expressed regret over those purchases.

As trust in influencer marketing declines, there is an increasing inclination toward consumer-generated content. The same EnTribe survey disclosed that an overwhelming 90% of participants preferred brands to feature content generated by real consumers rather than influencers.

Source: EnTribe
Source: EnTribe

What might seem surprising at first glance makes sense upon reflection. A total of 86% of respondents admitted they would place more trust in a brand that promotes user-generated content, with 12% stating they would likely make a purchase based on such content.

As a testament to the power of peer recommendations, 90% of participants had made purchases influenced by recommendations from friends or family. A reassuring 82% reported that they would be encouraged to purchase from a brand that promotes user-generated content.

The survey findings present a telling indication that influencer marketing may be losing its effectiveness, with the following statistics supporting this perspective. 81% of consumers exhibit a lack of interest in influencer marketing, while 90% place greater trust in content generated by real customers.

Additionally, 90% of consumers have made purchases based on recommendations from their peers, indicating a shift towards more authentic and personal forms of marketing.

Gen Z’s Preference for Peer Recommendations over Influencer Marketing

Consumer preferences evidently lean towards user-generated content, reflecting a rising trend among digital marketing strategists.

Source: EnTribe
Source: EnTribe

Gen Z, in particular, is gravitating towards platforms like TikTok and Instagram, with 80% stating a preference for recommendations from peers over influencer promotion.

Interestingly, 55% of Gen Z respondents expressed a desire to have their purchases featured by brands on social media, signaling a new engagement dynamic.

This research highlights a significant change in the digital marketing industry, as the dominance of influencers faces increasing challenges.

While they may not be entirely obsolete, brands that prioritize authentic consumer-generated content over influencer marketing can earn greater trust and loyalty from their customers, potentially paving the way for a future where the collective voice of the consumer community reigns supreme.

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