Instagram Rolls Outs A "Quiet Mode" Allowing You To Take a Break

Instagram, the social media giant platform, announced the launch of a new “Quiet Mode” feature on Thursday. The feature’s been introduced to help users focus on other things.

It also intends to encourage users to set boundaries with followers and friends by taking a break from the platform. This feature was one of several updates released on Thursday, including extending parental supervision tools and other new ways for managing recommendations.

The “Quiet Mode” feature is initially made available in six countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada. However, the company stated on its blog that the plans to launch the feature in other countries are also underway.

How Does it Work?

The platform claims that they’ve designed “Quite Mode” in a way that prompts teenagers to enable it if they use the app late at night or have difficulty taking regular breaks from the platform.

The feature primarily targets teenagers as part of Instagram’s effort to encourage them to focus on studying rather than endless scrolling.

Once the “Quiet Mode” is enabled, you’ll be unable to receive any notifications; the app will automatically respond to messages. Other users will be notified that you’re not available on the platform right now by adding the ‘In Quiet Mode’ status to your Instagram profile.

However, once a user turns off this mode, they’ll receive a detailed summary of all notifications to inform the user of what they missed out on while the feature was enabled.

The feature will help everyone, particularly teenagers, to focus more on studying and avoid being distracted by endless notifications from the app.

How to Enable “Quiet Mode” on Instagram

To enable Instagram’s “Quiet Mode” features. Users must follow a few simple steps:

  • Log in to the Instagram app
  • Tap the top three bars in the upper right corner
  • Then go to the “Setting” Option and Click “Notification”
  • Inside “Notification,” you will now see “Quiet Mode.”
  • Tap on “Quiet Mode” to turn it on.

In addition, you can customize the “Quiet Mode” feature hours to suit your schedule. You can also set the time in the mode so that it automatically turns on and off at the specified time. Users can also turn on the “Quiet Mode” features for up to 12 hours.

Family Center and Supervision Tools

While “Quiet Mode” is the talk of the town among all the new features introduced by Instagram on Thursday, the rest of the other features are focused on providing better parental control to users and more effective ways to manage their recommendations.

We want to help parents be more aware of the choices their teens make and make it easier for them to have discussions with their teens about their settings through Family Center and supervision tools.Instagram Blog Post

“Family Center and supervision tools” is one such helpful feature. The tool allows parents to access their teenager’s Instagram settings, including “privacy and account settings.”

Instagram also gives users more control over the content they see on the app by allowing them to better manage their recommendations.

So, whenever their children change a setting on their account, parents receive a notification on their phone, allowing them to discuss it with their children. Parents can also see the account their children have blocked in the app.

Instagram also stated that these updates are part of their ongoing efforts to make sure that individuals have experiences that are tailored to them and that they have more control over the time they spend online and the content they see.

Instagram, to date, has launched various teenager safety features such as protecting teenagers’ safety and limiting unwanted adult contact, ad targeting, teenagers’ access to mature content, and more.

These features allow parents to monitor and control their teenage children’s Instagram use via the Parent Controls tool.