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The Israel-based cybersecurity firm Orca Security has launched a new solution that uses the popular AI-powered chatbot created by OpenAI – ChatGPT – to detect and remediate cloud risks.

The firm revealed this new service in a blog post published a few days ago where it explained how the developing team managed to combine ChatGPT’s advanced language models with the security data sets created by Orca to produce clearer remediation plans for its customers to deal with existing cloud infrastructure risk.

The software uses the alerts that the Orca Security system emits whenever a threat or a weakness is identified within the customer’s system and feeds that data to the AI-powered solution created by OpenAI.

The chatbot uses that information to come up with a detailed blueprint as to how to take care of those weaknesses and can even generate tickets that can be easily tracked by the company’s IT team to keep track of the progress of the remedial process.

“We have leveraged the power of OpenAI’s GPT3 API, specifically the “Da-Vinci-03” series, to enhance our ability to generate contextual and accurate remediation plans for security alerts. We implemented a pipeline that takes in a security alert, which consists of basic information about the risk and its contextual environment such as affected assets, attack vectors, and potential impact” said Itamar Golan, the head of data science for Orca Security.

Orca Security Joins Growing Chorus of Companies Experimenting with ChatGPT

The revolutionary AI-powered software created by OpenAI continues to attract the attention of companies of all sizes that are looking to enhance their existing solutions and services by using its ground-breaking technology.

One prominent example is Microsoft (MSFT), a strong backer of the company founded by Sam Altman, as the Redmond-based tech firm said a few weeks ago that it is exploring the possibility of integrating ChatGPT’s technology with its flagship search engine Bing.

There have also been rumors that the firm could integrate the chatbot with its legacy productivity solution – MS Office – while it could possibly invest $10 billion into the firm to buy as much as 49% of it.

OpenAI also rolled out a few days ago the Pro version of its AI-powered chatbot. ChatGPT Pro reportedly processes requests much faster. Users reported that the cost of accessing the solution was initially $42 a month.

The company has been going back and forth with the release of this new version. It is currently unavailable on its website. According to the founder of OpenAI, cloud costs have skyrocketed since ChatGPT was launched. Microsoft is the official partner of the firm for providing the required cloud infrastructure to process the required computing for the chatbot to deliver a response to all queries.

More Details About Orca Security

Orca was founded in 2019 by Israeli entrepreneurs Avi Shua and Gil Geron. Orca’s software is used by large corporations including Autodesk, SAP, and WiX to secure their cloud environments.

The firm’s flagship solutions include its SideScanning™ Technology, a software that thoroughly analyzes the design and infrastructure of the customer’s cloud environment to identify potential threats and propose remediations.

In October 2021, the firm managed to raise $340 million through a Series C funding round that valued the business at $1.8 billion. A few months before that, the company also secured a $210 million investment from Alphabet (GOOG) at a valuation of $1.2 billion.

According to the company’s official website on the AWS Marketplace, the cost of Orca Security’s services start at $84,000 a year for the small starter pack. Multiple variables may affect the ultimate cost of the service including the number of users who have access to the platform and the solutions that the client ops to incorporate into the account.

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