JioCinema, a video streaming platform once known for its collection of soap operas and classic Bollywood films, has rapidly emerged as a formidable competitor to the global heavyweight Disney+.

With a staggering 400 million viewers tuning in to its streams of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament in April and May, JioCinema has not only gained traction but ignited a price war in India’s fast-growing streaming market.

This transformation is part of a master plan orchestrated by Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, to establish his conglomerate, Reliance Industries, as the country’s leading digital powerhouse.

JioCinema’s Strategy

The Financial Times reported that Ambani’s strategy revolves around Jio, his company that has quickly become India’s largest telecom network. Since its launch in 2016, Jio has adopted a bold approach of aggressive discounting and freebies to rapidly gain market share across various sectors, ranging from e-commerce to home broadband services.

Moreover, JioCinema has made significant strides in expanding its content library by acquiring the rights to shows and films from prominent global networks, including NBC, HBO, and Warner Bros. This move not only diversifies its offerings but also positions JioCinema as a major player in the streaming market, capable of rivaling international heavyweights like Disney+.

The goal is clear: Reliance Industries aims to transform into the dominant force in India’s digital landscape.

Uday Shankar, an investor, and director at JioCinema’s parent company Viacom18, explains that their primary competition is not other streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime but rather traditional television. He said:

“We see television as our competition. Until you’re able to get a large number of people to not watch TV and watch all their content on JioCinema, that mission is not complete.”

The IPL: A JioCinema Game-Changing Move

JioCinema’s ascent to prominence gained momentum when Viacom18, in partnership with Reliance, Paramount, James Murdoch, and Uday Shankar, secured the digital rights to stream the Indian Premier League (IPL) until 2028. This move dealt a significant blow to Disney Star, India’s largest TV network, which previously held the rights.

By offering free online access to the IPL, JioCinema attracted a massive audience and experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, quickly becoming the most downloaded video streaming app in the country (see chart below).

Source: The Financial Times

JioCinema’s strategy involves a combination of free content and subscription packages targeting different segments of the market. By offering a “Best of Hollywood” package at an affordable price compared to competitors like Netflix, JioCinema aims to attract English-speaking audiences and more affluent consumers.

This multi-tiered approach allows JioCinema to cater to a diverse range of users and solidify its position in the market.

JioCinema’s Challenges and Future

JioCinema’s rapid rise has caught many industry players off guard, and it is now regarded as a serious contender in the streaming space. However, providing free content comes at a cost with the decline in advertiser interest impacting both JioCinema and Disney Star’s revenues.

According to the chart below, JioCinema’s IPL-related revenues have not been keeping up with the increasing digital rights costs.

Despite this, Disney Star maintains that television’s communal and immersive experience continues to draw subscribers. JioCinema must navigate these challenges while sustaining its success and retaining its audience in the long term.

According to The Financial Times, the streaming company plans to supplement its free tier with subscription packages targeting more affluent users, along with English-speaking audiences who will pay to watch HBO and other global networks.

With Reliance’s continued investment and JioCinema’s evolving content offerings, the platform is poised to compete fiercely in India’s streaming landscape. As JioCinema continues to disrupt the market and expand its user base, its future beyond the IPL remains a question of how it will keep the momentum going and retain its audience in the ever-evolving streaming industry.

With its multi-tiered subscription model and ambitious plans for the future, JioCinema is poised to reshape India’s streaming landscape and challenge the dominance of established players like Disney+.

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