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Bird Buddy just come up with a new AI-powered version of their bird feeder after experiencing significant demand for their products and being forced to delay the next shipping date to this year.

The Michigan-based tech company revealed its new invention during the Consumer Electronic Summit, also known as CES, and shared some of its most attractive features to a niche but relatively large audience of bird lovers.

The device is designed to identify over 1,000 species of hummingbirds and it generates alerts that are sent to the user’s smartphone whenever the feeder receives a visitor. Users can quickly check the camera and take photos by themselves to keep developing their albums.

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This is a valuable and interesting feature that bird-watchers will probably cherish as they’ll have the chance to see some live action instead of seeing after-the-fact photos and videos of the birds.

In addition, the smart feeder will automatically take pictures of all visitors so users don’t miss any rare guests their units may accommodate.

All of the photos and videos collected by the user will be stored in the cloud so they can later share them with their Bird Buddy friends. Same as with the original version, the device’s camera is replaceable in case it is damaged.

This new version of the feeder is expected to be shipped in late 2023 and users will be able to pick between two colors, blue and yellow. Some of the accessories available for the new Bird Buddy include a wall mount, a water fountain, and a solar roof to get rid of the hassle of having to recharge the device’s battery.

The original version of the Bird Buddy is currently out of stock and has tons of backorders. Meanwhile, the AI version was created primarily to respond to the feedback the firm received from its customers.

Companies Rush to Incorporate AI into Their Products and Solutions

Artificial intelligence has become a highly popular trend lately after the release of OpenAI’s chatbot – ChatGPT. This is a generative AI that depends on text prompts to come up with responses to users’ queries.

However, there are many more ways to use this kind of technology and Bird Buddy is showcasing another practical use that may turn out to be quite relevant for a niche audience. Consumers may ultimately perform a cost-benefit analysis to see if the extra money they would have to pay for the AI-powered bird feeder is justified.

In any case, companies are looking for ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into their products and solutions, either to make them better or to take advantage of all the buzz.

More Details About Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy was founded in 2020 with the help of a Kickstarter funding campaign. The first units were shipped to the company’s early backers to test them and make any required adjustments and enhancements – including the soon-to-be-incorporated AI capability.

The original product comes with a 5MP camera and it can record videos in 720p resolution. The device can be recharged via a USB-C cable and the battery lasts from 5 to 15 days depending on how active it is.

The Bird Buddy app was created to allow owners to see the pictures and videos taken by the device and it is available in eight languages including English, Spanish, and German.

For now, the Bird Buddy smart feeder can only be shipped to the US, Canada, European Union, UK, Norway, and Switzerland. However, the company promised to ship all of its backorders regardless of their destination.

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