The technology chief of Hong Kong has announced plans to create a ChatGPT-like platform using artificial intelligence (AI). He stated that the city aims to establish an AI supercomputing center for top talent, and a public consultation on this matter will be held later this year.

What is ChatGPT

OpenAI, a company backed by Microsoft, launched ChatGPT in November last year. Within two months of its introduction, the program gained over 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application.

The ChatGPT platform has revolutionized the internet and the world of education by utilizing machine learning algorithms programmed with vast amounts of data. The program is capable of human-like responses on a wide range of topics, including politics, Shakespearean poetry, sports, and science.

In a recent statement, the technology chief of Hong Kong, Sun Dong, expressed his interest in chatbot applications and reaffirmed the government’s plans to create a similar AI-based platform locally.

Hong Kong Joins the AI Race

In a radio interview on March 4th, Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry Sun Dong announced that Hong Kong plans to develop its own artificial intelligence-based chatbot service, similar to the well-known ChatGPT, to keep up with the global innovation race.

Sun Dong also mentioned that the government plans to hold a public consultation this year to discuss proposals for establishing an AI supercomputing hub, which will attract top talent and technology companies to Hong Kong.

Sun Dong acknowledged the robustness and power of the AI platform that underpins ChatGPT, encompassing both software and hardware.

He described his vision for AI and announced the formation of a special task force to provide suggestions on handling the revolutionary upheaval caused by ChatGPT, including the possibility of utilizing laws to control the technology.

In a recent radio interview, Sun Dong emphasized that ChatGPT represents a new phase in the development of artificial intelligence. According to the technology chief, resources must be reallocated toward AI research to keep up with global technological advancements.

Popularity of ChatGPT in Hong Kong

The controversial artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, is causing a revolutionary upheaval in AI. On February 24th, Sun Dong announced that the government is closely monitoring artificial intelligence applications that may require legislative supervision.

He also stated that Hong Kong intends to form a special task force to provide suggestions on handling the implications of such technologies.

The Minister of Technology recently addressed the ongoing international discussions regarding ChatGPT. Sun Dong praised the app as a technological advancement that has the potential to impact the lives and careers of every Hongkonger. However, the growing popularity of ChatGPT has led to mixed opinions.

Two universities in Hong Kong have recently adopted ChatGPT, a popular artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. Both institutions believe the software can potentially enhance the educational experience over time.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) stated that students would require instructor approval before using the software for assignments. Meanwhile, the University of Science and Technology (HKUST) granted staff full authority to set their standards for using the system.

However, last month, students at the University of Hong Kong and Baptist University in Hong Kong were prohibited from using ChatGPT for their assignments.


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