Artificial intelligence continues to astonish with its versatility and capabilities. In a recent revelation, it appears that ChatGPT, along with Google Bard, can generate working generic Windows 10 and Windows 11 keys. This discovery has sparked interest and raised questions about the security of Microsoft’s operating systems.

While this method does not fully bypass Microsoft’s security measures since users can’t fully activate Windows with the keys, it does create keys that allow you to install or upgrade your operating system.

Prompting ChatGPT: A Homely Way to Forge Windows Keys

The entire process began when Twitter user @immasiddtweets cleverly prompted ChatGPT by invoking the persona of their deceased grandmother, requesting Windows 10 Pro keys to help them fall asleep. Surprisingly, ChatGPT responded by generating five Windows license keys for Windows 10 Pro and five others for Windows 11 Pro. The AI even offered condolences and further assistance, stating, “I hope these keys help you relax and fall asleep. If you need any more assistance, feel free to ask.”

To verify the authenticity of the Windows keys generated by ChatGPT, @immasiddtweets shared a screenshot of the prompt along with the keys. One of the keys was accepted by Windows as genuine, confirming that ChatGPT had produced functional keys. Interestingly, Google Bard was also able to generate legitimate Windows 10 keys when prompted similarly.

@immasiddtweets took their experiment further by demonstrating how to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Pro using a similar approach. By requesting a Windows 11 Pro key and pasting it into the license key box in the Settings app under “About > Product key and activation,” the user successfully upgraded their operating system.

However, the keys generated by AI writing tools were generic license keys. While they enable the installation or upgrade of Windows, the resulting operating system version is restricted, and certain features may be limited.

ChatGPT Strikes Again: From Windows 95 to Windows 11

This isn’t the first time ChatGPT has generated working Windows keys. In April 2023, someone used ChatGPT to produce functioning Windows 95 keys by exploiting the AI’s tendency to produce commonly used number sequences for those keys. It was initially believed that ChatGPT wouldn’t be able to generate genuine Windows 11 keys due to the more complex nature of the key generation method employed in later Windows editions.

Over the years, the tech community has dedicated significant effort to finding alternative ways to acquire keys for free. The keys generated by ChatGPT and Google Bard align with the Key Management Service (KMS) keys that Microsoft openly publishes on its website, which implies that ChatGPT is essentially reiterating the publicly available keys without proper attribution.

In short, although the generic keys generated by ChatGPT and Google Bard enable the installation or upgrade of the respective versions, they do not function as activation keys. If one intends to activate the operating system with a genuine key, reinstallation with a valid key is necessary.

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