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In the online dating world, Hinge has carved out a unique standing as both the most hated and one of the most successful applications in its industry.

Despite facing criticism and a considerable amount of unfavorable feedback, the online dating app defied all doubts and amassed an astonishing $284 million in revenue in 2022.

This remarkable accomplishment has raised eyebrows and sparked conversations surrounding the contradictory nature of consumer sentiment and financial success.

Hinge on a Mission to Change the Dating Landscape

Hinge made its debut in 2012, coinciding with the emergence of Tinder. The dating app initially integrated with Facebook connecting singles with people they were already acquainted with.

However, as its development evolved, Hinge phased out the Facebook integration and shifted its focus to facilitating long-term relationships.

As part of a new generation of dating apps positioning themselves as the opposite of Tinder, Hinge prioritizes meaningful relationships over casual hookups.

Embracing the motto “the dating app designed to be deleted,” the app emphasizes its role as a catalyst for singles searching for long-term partners.

During the profile setup process, Hinge offers users question cards to answer and include on their profiles.

Notably, it introduced the option to respond to these questions using voice notes, which has gained significant popularity and contributed to the recent surge in user engagement.

This dating app has gained increasing popularity, particularly among millennials and Gen Z, and has experienced substantial growth in recent years.

Boasting over 23 million active users worldwide, with a significant user base in the United States, Hinge is solidifying its position as a favorite platform for individuals seeking meaningful connections through online dating.

Hinge Comes Out Top as the Most Hated App

Over 50% of the global population has a smartphone, which results in a diverse range of perspectives and opinions regarding the proliferation of apps worldwide.

Interestingly, app preferences can vary significantly from country to country, with certain apps being widely embraced in some regions while facing disinterest or resistance in others.

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Despite the variations in its adoption, it is common for every country to have an app that does not pique the interest of a large part of its population.

While Hinge’s approach resonated with some users, others were put off by its emphasis on personal information and commitment.

According to a recent report from ElectronicsHub, Hinge has garnered the highest level of negativity worldwide. It revealed that 34.4% of tweets about Hinge express dissatisfaction with the app, with users sharing negative experiences.

One of the main reasons for the notoriety of Hinge lies in its strict design process. Unlike other dating apps prioritizing quantity over quality, the app limits the number of potential matches its users can see daily (unless they pay more, of course).

Additionally, it encourages users to provide specific details about their preferences, such as political views and religious beliefs, to facilitate more meaningful connections.

However, these strategies have also drawn criticism for being overly selective and exclusionary, despite the app’s intention to foster genuine relationships.

Hinge Rakes in High Revenue Despite Negative Feedback

The popularity of online dating has witnessed an increase in recent times, which is expected to continue.

The number of individuals using online dating services surpassed 366 million in 2022. By 2027, this figure is expected to rise to a staggering 440 million as more people turn to various online platforms in search of meaningful relationships.

Hinge statistics

Furthermore, the online dating market generated a revenue of $2.86 billion in 2022, indicating a sustained and thriving market.

Part of Hinge’s remarkable success can be attributed to the experience and support of Match Group, the company that owns popular dating apps like Tinder, Match.com, Plenty of Fish, and many more.

The company expressed interest in Hinge and made its first investment in 2017. By 2018, Match Group increased its ownership to 50% and eventually acquired the remaining stake in 2019.

Since its operation under Match’s management, Hinge has experienced substantial revenue growth, rising from $8 million in 2018 to $284 million in 2022.

It currently holds the third position in market share for online dating in the US, just behind Tinder and Bumble.

Despite the negative feedback, Hinge’s revenue tells a different story. One key factor contributing to its success is its targeted advertising strategy.

In late 2020, Hinge introduced Roses, a one-time purchase option similar to Tinder’s Super Likes. This is in addition to its existing subscription model.

The inclusion of Roses as an in-app purchase proved immensely successful, driving revenue accounting for over a third of Hinge’s total US revenue on iOS by the first quarter of 2023

Hinge recently introduced new membership levels at higher price points. This is in recognition of the growing demand for in-app purchases priced between $25 and $100.

Earlier this year, the platform launched a $60 monthly subscription option. However, the most popular subscription plan for the app in Q1 2023 was at $30, compared to $20 in 2022.

Hinge combines the affordable one-time purchase option (Roses) with premium subscriptions to effectively adjust its monetization strategy to meet various preferences and price sensitivities.

The app’s adaptability and innovation have played a significant role in its success. Hinge regularly introduces new features to enhance the user experience, such as video chat during the pandemic and educational guides for LGBTQ+ dating.

This responsiveness to user needs has played a major role in the financial achievements of the dating app.

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