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The Password Manager on Google Chrome has received an update with new features including additional authentication methods, password notes about the related accounts, and importing from other password managers.

Google Password Manager Gets Easier Access and Added Security

Google Password Manager is a feature of Chrome that instantly generates unique passwords and auto-fills them when you log into your Google Account from your various devices so you don’t have to memorize all your passwords.

To better the functionality of the Password Manager, Google has given it five new features to make it more secure, helpful, and easy to use. First, the feature has been made more accessible by being allocated a designated space on the Chrome browser.

“Check it out by clicking “Password Manager” in your Chrome menu or “Manage passwords” when Chrome prompts you to autofill a saved password. For even quicker access, you can now create a desktop shortcut for Google Password Manager, “ Google explained in the blog post.

The Password Manager also has more authentication methods in addition to the Master password, Google Account authentication, and security key. The tech giant added biometric authentication, which had been available to iOS and Android devices for a while, to the desktop version of the browser.

This new way of authentication will use any method that the computer’s operating system supports, that is fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or iris scan to verify the user before auto-filling the password.

Additionally, in an attempt to help users have all their login information in one place, Google has added password notes. As such, users will now be able to add notes to whichever passwords they save on the manager.

As it is, the password manager already flags any compromised passwords using Password Checkup on Android. However, Checkup will also be introduced to iOS to begin flagging used or weak passwords. The company has further streamlined the process of using the manager on iOS by providing “a larger, more tappable prompt to autofill your passwords” when users visit a log-in page.

To encourage users to try Chrome, Google has also made it easy to transfer passwords from other browsers by adding an import feature that accepts a .csv file as input and loads all of a user’s passwords.

Important to note is that these features are not yet enforced and most of them will be available to users “soon” or “in the coming months”, Google says.

Can Google Password Manger Keep up with the Competition

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It appears that Google is seeking to catch up to competitors like Dashlane and 1Password, many of which already have these features.

However, the fact that Google Password Manager is finally allowing password imports via.csv files is the most obvious indication that it is seeking some new customers especially since the feature has been in existence on many other competing browsers for a while now.

Unlike some competitors in the password management market, Google’s Password Manager is a free service and more of a lure to use Chrome and other of Google’s products and services.

Regardless, Google is clearly under pressure to keep Password Manager competitive else it would take away from one of the benefits of using Chrome. The tech giant has also been tweaking the browser to keep users interested and more comfortable.

For instance, Chrome has received more updates on ways to further customize its appearance. Aside from moving the customization tab to the side, Google has also added more art and background options to serve users from various ethnicities, backgrounds, and orientations in collaboration with artists from these groups.

In an area where little can be done in terms of changes to gain a competitive edge, Google is clearly exploring all options and improving every little feature.

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