Google Play Books is taking another step in helping new readers become literate independently.

The newly added feature, dubbed “Reading Practice,” is designed specifically for children between the ages of 0-8 to improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills, the tech giant said in a Thursday blog post.

“Now available in the U.S. on the Google Play Books Android app and in Google Kids Space, Reading practice helps new readers independently improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills within thousands of children’s ebooks,” Google wrote.

Helping young readers track their reading position, the text is highlighted as they read it out loud. If there’s a word they can’t pronounce, they can tap on it to hear an audio clip that pronounces the word.

In addition to hearing the pronunciation of the word, the child can also hear the word broken down by syllable so that they can sound it out themselves.

The feature includes the ability to receive child-friendly definitions of a word, giving more context to the story and making reading more engaging and educative as well.

Google’s Reading Practice Aims to Make Reading More Enjoyable

The app allows readers to tap on any word in the book, update their position in the book, and start tracking from there.

At the end of each page, the reader has the option to practice any words missed or pronounced incorrectly.

The idea is to make the reading process rewarding and enjoyable for children, especially those who find reading difficult at first.

“To get started with Reading Practice, check out our hand-picked collection of kid-friendly reads on Google Play Books, including some no-charge options,” the Vice President of Product Management at Google Play Books, Vitaliy Dikker, said in the blog post, adding:

“Or you can browse thousands of English language books designated for younger readers. The majority of these titles have Reading Practice enabled, indicated by a Practice badge on the book detail page.”

Google Play Books also includes a “Reading Practice” filter that searches the library for e-books specifically designated for Reading Practice to help readers narrow down their search.

What is Google Play Books?

Launched in 2010, Google Play Books is an online digital bookstore and e-book reading platform offered by Google.

It allows users to browse and purchase a wide range of books, magazines, and comics from a selection of over five million titles.

Users can also upload their own e-books to the platform and read them on any compatible device, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and computers.

In addition to reading e-books, users can also listen to audiobooks and use features such as bookmarks, notes, and highlighting.

Google Play Books is a direct competitor to Amazon Kindle and other major e-book platforms, including FBReader, iBooks, and more.

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