google is introducing new features for android and wear os

Google is announcing today a few new features that will be incorporated into its operating systems just in time for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) – an event that gathers manufacturers, software developers, and other tech companies and allows them to display their newest products and solutions.

According to a blog post shared this morning, Google made improvements to the widget of its Google Keep app, which is used to write notes and set reminders and alerts. Moving forward, users will be able to manage their notes and check off their to-do lists, along with other functions.

Google Keep can be synchronized with a smartwatch and those who own one of the devices powered by the company’s Wear OS will now see two shortcuts for the app – one for creating notes and the other to write down to-do lists.

Audio quality is also being improved by the Mountain View-based tech firm as Google Meet is now incorporating noise-cancelling technology for mobile devices that should eliminate most background noises that can be quite distracting during a sales or team meeting.

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PDF Annotations on Drive and Enlarged Websites on Chrome are Now Possible

As for productivity enhancements, Google is now allowing users to make annotations to PDF files saved within Google Drive by simply touching the portion of the text they would like to comment on with their fingers or a stylus. A separate copy of the annotated file can be saved within Drive.

In addition, it will now be possible to increase the size of the content that users view on Chrome’s mobile version to up to 300% of the original size while maintaining the website’s layout. This is a widely awaited feature as currently users can only zoom in on the content but can’t manipulate the size of the fonts or images to better suit their viewing preferences.

Multi-device connectivity seems to be the theme that Google is emphasizing during the latest edition of the MWC in Barcelona as the company has shared some new improvements made to its Android 13 operating system for smartphones.

Among these enhancements, Android users will now be able to use a software called Android Auto to have access to their mobile applications on their car’s display for vehicles that are powered by the firm’s operating system.

In addition, Android Auto will enable users to start their car by using a virtual key, modify the temperature of the air conditioning, and even turn on the lights of their homes remotely by using Google Assistant and smart bulbs.

Your Earbuds Can Now Be Paired Immediately with Wear OS

Smart TV connectivity is also being improved as users will now be able to get rid of the remote by using the Google TV app so they can easily browse through the menu of the device and play any content they would like by using a phone or a tablet.

Google has also introduced a new feature called FastPair that connects earbuds to any Android-powered smartphone instantly. This feature is quite useful for people who want to get up and get their morning routines going without having to lose time in pairing their audio devices with their phones.

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In addition, a new technology called Audio Switching will automatically put other content on pause in case a call comes in so the user does not have to take a pause while jogging or exercising.

What about pictures? Google is also improving how selfies are taken with the introduction of the Camera app for Wear OS – its operating system for wearables. Users can now take a picture of themselves and their friends and use their smartwatch to make sure its well focused.

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