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Google’s recently merged Meet app will now incorporate a feature that will allow users to share different experiences while video chatting such as watching a YouTube video or playing an online game.

This is the latest step from the search-engine giant to revamp its video-sharing application. In June this year, the company stated that it will incorporate some of Meet’s paid features into Duo – its free video calling solution.

With this new addition to Duo, Google (GOOG) appears to be aiming to compete with Apple’s SharePlay – an app that allows users to stream content and synchronize with their relatives and friends while calling via the iPhone Maker’s proprietary messaging and video calling app FaceTime.

The merger between Duo and Meet is expected to be completed in September this year at which point users will only be able to download the Meet app from the Google Play Store for video calling.

Keeping the Name “Meet” Has Made Things a Bit Confusing

For some reason, Google has kept the name “Meet” for both applications instead of coming up with a new name. This has been the cause of confusion among users as two apps named the same are now available on the company’s app store. Tech experts don’t seem to understand why the company’s communications in regards to this merger have not been clearer.

Users of the current Meet app will experience no changes to their experience. Once the merger is completed, this app will be renamed Google Meet (original) and its icon will change. Google has encouraged users to download the updated Meet app once the merger is done so they can enjoy all the new features the company will be introducing.

The original Google Meet app was primarily designed for businesses and it was only of the few paid services offered by the Mountain View-based tech company. However, strong competition from Zoom (ZM), Microsoft (MSFT), and Apple (AAPL) has pushed the company to redesign its flagship product for this segment of the digital communications market.

Google Meet Emerges as a Strong Player in the Video Calling Market after COVID

In 2021, research from Email Tool Tester indicated that Google Meet held a 21.8% market share with the platform being the second most popular behind the market’s titan Zoom Video Communications, which held 48.7% of the pie.

The popularity of the Meet app appears to have surged in 2021 on the back of the pandemic as its market share rose by 2,020 basis points compared to the previous year.

Currently, Google Meet allows users to hold a video conference of up to 100 participants for as long as 60 minutes at no cost. Corporate users must buy a Google Workspaces subscription package to be able to add more participants and hold meetings for longer.

These packages go from $10.8 per month (Business Standard) to $18 per month (Business Plus), with the latter allowing users to hold meetings with up to 500 participants for an unlimited amount of time while also being able to record the meeting.

Comparatively, the free version of Zoom allows users to have an unlimited number of meetings of up 100 participants that can last up to 40 minutes. Meanwhile, the free version of Microsoft Teams, which was designed for small businesses, allows hosts to convene meetings of up to 100 participants for as long as 60 minutes.

In regards to the market’s behavior in a post-COVID environment, the Chief Executive Officer of, Jonathan Merry, stated that “the most critical contributor to the decline has been a resumption of pre-pandemic lifestyles” as countries and corporations have once again allowed workers to go back to the office.

With usage volumes declining sharply, competition in this particular market will continue to be heated and key players including Google, Zoom, and Microsoft will bring their A-game to keep make platforms as appealing as possible to both corporate users and individuals.

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