GoodOnes is a firm based in San Francisco, California, that uses AI to organize camera data and select photographs. It’s raised $3.5 million in seed funding.

Led by Aparna Pande and CEO Israel Shalom, the company plans to use the money to increase R&D initiatives to create a machine learning-powered personal photo assistant (affectionately named Ollie).

We’re really thinking about a subscription layer on top of this product. We saw a lot of willingness to pay from users, especially for the target segment of parents and grandparents.

TLV Partners led the round, with contributions from Rich Miner (a former co-founder of Android), Peter Welinder (the creator of Carousel, sold to Dropbox), Liquid2 Ventures (Joe Montana’s fund), and numerous other seasoned business executives and investors

Clean Photo Viewing Experience

GoodOnes aims to provide photographers with a clean photo viewing experience. Since it’s currently in early access, paid users can test it out while the application is still being tuned.

The company was launched by Israel Shalom, an 8200 alumni and former product and engineering executive at Dropbox and Google, Aparna Pande, a former GM at Parents magazine and Disney, and Mattel, who had sold her first start-up, Kidstir, a kids cooking platform.

We have not finalized our subscription model yet. Our primary focus at this point is to build a good user base and get all the feedback to improve it.

Using human intelligence and artificial intelligence, GoodOnes links to your iCloud Photos account or Google Photos and assists in choosing the “best” photos from your crowded camera rolls.

The app collects information about your choices and uses your swipes to train artificial intelligence (AI) on what you like and dislike. From then, it creates galleries of images based on your preferences, and the finished album or gallery is generated and delivered.

The app gets better at sorting, curating, and choosing through photographs the more you use it. You can share it with friends, make a photo book, or look over the adorable things your kids did the previous week (or year!).

GoodOnes filters out the poor images and provides suggestions for the excellent ones.

All of that without being hampered by a receipt, an odd screenshot, or multiple copies of the same picture. With that said, GoodOnes isn’t a new concept but simply the most recent effort.

With its “The Roll” app, EyeEm attempted a similar approach in 2019 by organizing a user’s photo library and choosing the top images from many photos.

The co-founder of Android, Rich Miner, said that the growth of mobile platforms led to the delivery of powerful computers, streaming devices, and digital cameras into everyone’s pockets.

However, no one ever predicted the amount of new content that would be produced. GoodOnes provides excellent curation to the massive collection of images we’ve all compiled.