Reports show that aside from being the most active generation in most other app categories, Gen Zs are also the most interested in gaming apps. In fact, more than half of the Gen Z population have at least 4 games installed on their devices.

Gen Z Lead Millennials Follow

According to a recent report by Fluent, a marketing firm, 48% of Gen Z have downloaded four mobile games. Additionally, another 26% have downloaded seven or more, making it the generation with the biggest interest in mobile gaming.

They are followed closely by millennials who have the second-highest percentage of game mobile apps. The statistics show that 45% have at least four games and 23% have seven or more games.

While this number of gaming apps seems high, a solid 19% of respondents still want to download more games. Of this, 24% were Millennials and 23% were Gen Z who said they planned to add more games to their existing collection.

However, 59% of respondents said they were content and had no intentions to adjust the number of gaming apps on their phones in the upcoming year. Specifically, 26% of participants said that they planned to limit the number of games they had on their phones.

According to the report, the possibility of downloading more games over the next 12 months is positively correlated with the number of games one presently has installed on their phone.

It was discovered that people having seven games on their phones were 33% more inclined to download more games, with 24% expressing this intention, compared to people with fewer games, who were just 18% likely to do so.

The baby boomer generation and the silent generation, who have not yet embraced gaming, were found to have the lowest propensity to download more games.

Insights Into Gaming Habits

Fluent also found that players who like strategy and role-playing games(RPG) are far more likely to have more than four gaming apps on their smartphones. On the other hand, Casino game enthusiasts come in second place, with 52% owning a wide variety of gambling apps on their smartphones. A further 49% of players are fans of puzzle and cognitive games.

The report shows that 25% of respondents who are RPG enthusiasts are most likely to download additional games in the upcoming year. They, however, are also the category most likely to reduce their collection of gaming apps, with 26% planning to do so, comparable to Gen Z.

The survey also discovered three key variables that have a big impact on new game downloads. 32% of respondents said they would be more likely to download a game if there were chances to earn incentives.

It is hardly a debatable matter whether game app users prefer apps or not because almost everyone does not. However, when asked to choose between in-game and outside-app advertisements, the statistics became interesting.

First, 48% of users who were surveyed about their preferences between the two said they had none. On the other hand, the younger generations showed a higher likelihood of favoring one ad format over the other, with 31% expressing a preference in either direction.

Surprisingly, the silent generation stood out because they preferred adverts outside of apps 45% more often than other generations.

Mobile Gaming Industry Bounces Back in 2023

This discovery comes as the mobile gaming industry begins to pick up again after having one of the worst years in mobile gaming history in the US last year. In 2022, the gaming industry suffered a 12% year-on-year decline in terms of installs mainly due to economic constraints.

Gaming app install growth January 2021 – January 2023 (global)
Source: Adjust

Fortunately, things are looking as the industry is already seeing a positive turnaround in 2023. In January, installs were up 23% compared to Q4 of 2022 and 10% higher than the overall 2022 average, according to a report by Adjust.

Moreover, users are giving in to mobile gaming apps more often, and as a result, gaming app sessions increased by 11% in 2023 compared to Q4 2022. This shows an upward trend for mobile gaming applications in terms of installs, time spent on the apps and eventually, revenue.

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