According to recent data, gaming apps have experienced the highest level of success with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature, boasting an impressive opt-in rate of 44%. Apple’s ATT feature, which was released in iOS 14.5 in April 2021, gives users more control over how their data is tracked by apps. When users open an app that wants to track them, they are presented with a prompt asking if they would like to allow tracking.

Varied Apple Tracking Opt-In Rates

Adjust reported that, opt-in rates for Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature in Q2 2023 reveal interesting insights into user preferences across different app categories. Gaming maintains its position as the category with the highest opt-in rate at an impressive 37%, while food & drink experienced a significant surge, claiming the second position with a rate of 36%.

Both categories surpass the industry-wide average of 34%, which has seen a notable increase from the previous measurement of 29%. E-commerce aligns closely with the industry average at 34%, followed by fintech at 29%, and social and travel & entertainment at 26% and 25% respectively.

Source: Adjust

On the other hand, educational apps have the lowest acceptance rate at 7%, influenced by stringent privacy regulations and compliance standards like COPPA and GDPR.

These variations in opt-in rates emphasize the need for app developers and advertisers to consider category-specific preferences and regulations when implementing data collection practices.

When examining opt-in rates within the gaming category, it’s fascinating to delve into the variations across different sub-verticals. Hypercasual games maintain the highest overall average opt-in rate, an impressive 44%. Following closely behind are sports games at 43%, racing games at 40%, and hybrid casual games at 39%.

On the other end of the spectrum, family games have the lowest opt-in rate at a mere 2%, while educational games follow closely at 4% due to compliance reasons mentioned earlier. Music games have an opt-in rate of 8%, casino games at 15%, and trivia games at 16%.

Source: Adjust

These diverse opt-in rates shed light on user preferences within specific gaming sub-verticals, emphasizing the importance of tailored approaches when it comes to data collection practices in different gaming genres.

What Developers and Advertisers Can Learn from Hypercasual Gaming

Despite the formidable obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of iOS 14.5, hypercasual games have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance.

According to Adjust, the higher opt-in rate observed in hypercasual games can be attributed to the user base’s heightened awareness of the benefits of targeted advertising, particularly in discovering their next gaming experience. Users within this genre are more receptive to personalized recommendations, making them more likely to opt-in to tracking.

Source: Adjust

To increase ATT opt-in rates, Adjust suggests exploring cross-promotion as a potential solution. They highlight that hyper casual game installs originating from cross-promotion campaigns demonstrate an astonishing opt-in rate of 59%. This indicates the effectiveness of cross-promotion in capturing user interest and encouraging opt-ins within the hypercasual gaming community.

By leveraging cross-promotion strategies and emphasizing the value of personalized advertising, developers can potentially boost their own opt-in rates and effectively engage users within the hypercasual gaming space.

Overall, the data suggest that gaming apps are well-positioned to take advantage of App Tracking Transparency. By offering personalized experiences and targeting ads to users who opt-in to tracking, gaming apps can improve their user engagement and monetization.

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