Relativity Space

American aeroscope manufacturing company Relativity Space is set to launch its highly anticipated rocket at 12pm Eastern Time.

The tech giant will make history by launching the first-ever 110-foot-tall 3D-printed rocket – which can be viewed via live stream on the YouTube link below.

Relativity Space Set To Launch First 3D Printed Rocket Today

Founded in 2015, Relativity Space is an aerospace company that designs, develops, and builds 3D-printed rockets.

The aerospace company is renowned for its innovative three dimension printing technology.

Relativity Space has applied the 3D features on its Terran 1 GLHF rocket more than 80%, including rocket engines.

While commenting about the anxiously awaited 3D-printed rocket launch, Tim Ellis, the co-founder of Relativity Space, remarked:

“Our long-term mission remains that we want to help build an industrial base on Mars and help make humanity multi-planetary.”

Relativity Space Eight-Year Roadmap

The aeroscope company, which had just 14 full-time staff at the time, announced plans to launch its first 3D-printed rocket sometime in 2017.

A few years later, Relativity secured a multiyear contract with the United States Air Force to launch facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Base in Florida.

In 2020, the company raised $140 million in a seed round and used the secured funds to create a massive warehouse-style building in Long Beach, California.

Later the same year, Relativity Space used the remaining portion to expand its workforce and other facilities.

In 2021, Relativity Space Company officially began the development of Terran 1: Terran R, a relatively much larger and more ambitious 3D-printed rocket featuring full reusability.

Later in the year, it raised another $650 million to scale the development of the Terran R project.

Last year, Relativity Space landed another multiyear with British satellite constellation operator OneWeb.

Moreover, the company recently announced plans to land a spacecraft on Mars as early as 2024 in partnership with Impulse Space.

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