Google-owned navigation app Waze is rolling out a new feature that will allow EV owners to find compatible charging stations.

The app will do so by asking users their vehicle model and plug type before directing them to the nearest station.

In a Tuesday blog post, Waze said it will get assistance from its local map editor, which allows community members to make an edit on the map and help avoid outdated and unreliable information about charging stations.

“By adding up-to-date EV charging information to the Waze map, it’s even easier to charge your car and get help finding where or when you’ll come across the next station,” the company said.

“Thanks to local Map Editors from our Waze Community, EV data is reviewed and updated in real-time to provide the most accurate, comprehensive information to the map.”

For context, not all electric vehicles use the same charging method, with different brands using different plugs. This means that EV owners might have a hard time finding a compatible charging station for their electric vehicle en route.

However, Waze is hoping to tackle the issue, allowing EV users to better navigate the charging landscape.

Tesla Pledges to Open Up More EV Charging Stations

Aside from Waze’s new feature, Tesla’s commitment to open up its charging stations to more vehicles might also be a huge help as well.

As part of a partnership with the White House, Tesla has pledged to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US.

The company plans to open at least 7,500 charging stations to all EVs by the end of 2024, the White House said in an announcement back in February.

This comes as EV sales have skyrocketed over the past few years. As reported, Global EV sales rose 68% YoY to 7.8 million units last year, with electric vehicles accounting for almost 10% of total car sales in 2022.

Waze’s Feature Does Not Work as Intended for All Users

While Waze has said its new EV charging station feature is available for US residents “starting today,” some users in the country have claimed the option is not working as intended.

A recent report from Electrek said that the app currently fails to provide EV charging stations and instead shows gas stations.

“Despite having selected Electric as my Vehicle type, my app is still asking me for preferred gas type, not for plug type. There is nowhere to enter a plug type. It also still has Gas Stations as an option in Settings, which contains Preferred gas type and Preferred brand of gas.”

The report further noted that despite claims by Waze that “electric vehicle charging stations are now on the Waze map,” the app doesn’t show any in the Northeastern US.

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