Amazon is one of the leading online retailer platforms in the United States. On Amazon, customers can find anything they want, whether it is for kids or adults. When buying things online from Amazon, many shoppers depend upon customer reviews because they cannot see the product first. However, the main issue is that most of these reviews are fake.

Fake reviews on Amazon

Most Amazon reviews are fake. Desperate sellers pay to have these fake reviews on their site to attract many customers to their page. Some even promise shoppers gift cards or free products if they provide five-star ratings.

Some sellers sometimes offer false reviews on competing pages and products. It becomes nearly impossible for the buyer to differentiate between genuine and fake reviews. However, you can lower the risk of being conned if you have some things to watch out for.

When shopping on Amazon, you can be assured that you will find some fake reviews, with most being positive ones. One way to detect fake reviews is to look for the ones that are short because they are designed to cheat the system to boost the product’s visibility and rank.

Some of the fake reviews will also solicit you to buy the product. Some will share photos of the product and even show many pros and only a single con. It is meant to be convincing to the potential buyer.

Some sellers could also pay users to give negative reviews on competing products. These reviews usually have one-star ratings that focus on cons and mention another product that is better than the one you are buying. This is to persuade you to buy the project they are referring you to.

Sellers on Amazon are looking for the best way to grow their sales, and reviews can help achieve this. On the other hand, the ones providing fake reviews earn cash and free products, which is the main reason the fake review business is booming.

Some companies have been solely created to provide multiple positive reviews and social media pages that bring together a team of reviewers and firms that provide buyers some incentives for them to leave a positive review. Some sellers offer refunds or other incentives to persuade genuine buyers to remove negative reviews.

How to detect fake reviews

Most of the products with fake reviews are created by startup companies. For large brands, you can easily find legitimate reviews on other platforms. Most items with fake reviews can only be found on Amazon. Therefore, as a buyer, you do not have any other place where you can go to authenticate these reviews.

Most of the fake reviews target affordable items on Amazon. It might not be entirely possible to avoid false reviews on Amazon. However, you can reduce the effects of these reviews on your buying decisions.

The first thing you should do is confirm the product that has been reviewed. Some listings with fake reviews might have older listings with older reviews still intact. You can look for the products with the most recent reviews to know what recent buyers say.

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