Source: Adobe / GN.STUDIO

Google has announced that it will cease sales of its Glass Enterprise Edition 2 headsets starting from March 15th, providing support for the device only until September 15th this year.

The official Glass website features a notice that reads, “Thank you for over a decade of innovation and partnership,” signaling the end of the augmented reality wearable’s journey.

Despite garnering interest from early adopters, the consumer product never truly captured the market.

The original Google Glass headsets were met with mixed responses.

While some early adopters found the technology innovative and promising, others raised concerns about privacy and the potential for misuse.

The limited functionality and relatively high price tag of the consumer edition made it difficult for the product to gain widespread adoption.

Recognizing the potential applications of augmented reality (AR) in work environments, Google transitioned its Glass product into a solution for businesses and industrial customers.

Transition to Enterprise

Around four years after its initial release, Google introduced a revamped Glass for enterprise, catering to businesses that could benefit from augmented reality assistance.

The new edition was designed for comfort, durability, and with the ability to “withstand the rigors of work environments.”

It featured a larger display, foldable design, and a faster processor.

In 2019, Google launched the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear, maintaining a similar appearance to its predecessor but with upgraded hardware and software.

Built on the Snapdragon XR1 hardware platform, the device offered enhanced performance for various business applications.

Limited Support and Device Replacement

Google states that existing units will remain functional after September 15th, but no further software updates will be provided.

Device replacements will also be available only until that date.

In addition, the pre-installed Meet on Glass app, Google’s video conferencing service on the eyewear, may cease to function after September 15th.

Future of AR Glasses and Google’s Commitment

Although the fate of Google’s next-gen augmented reality glasses remains unclear, company spokesperson Patrick Seybold confirmed that Google remains “deeply committed to AR” and has integrated AR into many of its products.

Last year, Google started testing its next-gen augmented reality glasses that it teased during its I/O developer conference.

Signs of Google working on smart ring controls, similar to those seen on the Focals by North, a company acquired by Google, have also been found.

In conclusion, Google’s discontinuation of Glass AR sales and limited support marks the end of an era for the company’s augmented reality wearable.

However, Google’s ongoing commitment to AR technology and integration into its products signifies that the tech giant is still exploring the potential of augmented reality in various applications, potentially leading to new developments in the future.

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