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Apple is one of the world’s most iconic companies in the tech space as they invented products that changed mankind’s habits in many ways.

First, they introduced a personal computer that people could use to be more productive. Then, they came up with a music player that could store thousands of songs and that did not require any batteries.

Finally, they introduced what has been perhaps the most revolutionary invention of this century – the smartphone.

Understandably, people who want to change the world may see Apple as a place where they may achieve that by creating devices that can make life easier or change how we work, entertain ourselves, or transport.

The average salary at Apple according to Comparably is $143,362 and this is another appealing aspect of working at the company founded by Steve Jobs.

Is it easy to get a job in this firm? Truth is, it is not. However, in a recent event held at the University of Naples Federico II, the current head of the Cupertino-based tech company, Tim Cook, detailed four characteristics that would make a candidate stand out and increase his/her chance of being hired by the company he leads according to a report from Fortune Magazine.

#1 – Collaboration

Collaboration means being able to work alongside other people whose attitudes, perspectives, and methodologies may be different than ours. Cook emphasized during his conference the importance of this soft skill as he believes that more can be done by two people or a small group than individually.

Developing top-notch products is not an easy task and can hardly be done by a single person. For example, creating the iPhone may have required the work of engineers, user experience experts, marketers, software developers, and other similar professions.

For Cook, the success of Apple’s business does not depend on a person’s ability to isolate himself and come up with something great. Instead, he mentioned, “it’s a collaborative effort”.

“So we look for the ability to collaborate with people—the fundamental feeling that if I share my idea with you, that idea will grow and get bigger and be better.”

#2 – Creativity

The word creativity refers to a person’s capacity to create. It is an important skill to have when the goal is to innovate and develop products and services that do not yet exist or to come up with a solution for a problem that nobody has managed to tackle.

For Cook, creative people are those who can “think differently” and defy the paradigm of how that problem has been perceived in the past.

The ideal candidate for the head of Apple (AAPL) is a person that can “walk around the problem and look at it from different angles and use their creative juices to come up with solutions”.

#3 – Curiosity

Being a curious person means having an eager desire to know the answer to many things and to gain more knowledge about how things work, where they come from, and why they are how they are.

A curious person asks questions constantly. During his conference, Cook emphasized that it does not matter if the questions are perceived as dumb or smart as any of those could lead to a breakthrough.

Inquisitiveness is then a characteristic that Apple’s recruiters look for in a prospective candidate for a job position.

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“It’s amazing when somebody starts to ask questions as a kid would, how it puts pressure on the person to think through the answers really deeply. And so, we look for this innate curiosity in people”, he commented.

#4 – Expertise

Last but not least, Apple looks for experts in their respective fields. Even though that may sound obvious, expertise does not refer to a person’s academic background alone as Tim Cook says he wants people who know things that are relevant to Apple to join the company.

“If we’re doing something in industrial design, we need somebody that knows industrial design and has a skill set in it either from their college days or through their work days” he emphasized.

People who have the four skills listed in this article have had a successful career at Apple, the CEO stated. However, he also added that people should feel satisfied and content with what they do and the place they work in.

In this regard, Cook commented that people should “work for a reason bigger than themselves” as having a purpose is a particularly powerful fuel for workers.

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