Dish Ransomware Attack

Ransomware gangs, which are believed to primarily operate from Russia, appear relentless in attacking information technology systems. Dish Network and United States Marshal are the latest entities to fall victim to ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Gangs Attack Dish Network

On March 2, in a filing submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange, Dish Network confirmed suffering a data breach on its IT systems. Dish Network confirmed that attackers stole unspecified data, and it’s investigating whether that data included the personal information of its customers.

Dish Network, a television network provider renowned for offering entertainment to millions of customers with its satellite DISH TV and streaming SLING TV services, noted in the filing that its internal communications, customer call centres and Internet sites might have been affected. Dish Network wrote:

“It’s possible the investigation may reveal that the extracted data includes personal information. The security of our customer’s data is important to us, and if we learn that information was compromised, we’ll take the appropriate steps and let any impacted customers know.”

It’s worth noting that Dish Network reported in December 2022 that it had more than 7.4 million satellite TV subscribers, 9.7 million PAY-TV, 2.3 million Sling TV subscribers, and 8 million wireless subscribers. That’s an estimated number of customers likely to have been exposed to the recent breach.

US Marshals Fall Victim To Ransomware Attack

In related developments, the United States Marshals Service has also fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Earlier this week, US Marshals confirmed suffering a ransomware attack that exposed sensitive data, including personal information belonging to targets of investigations.

In a short interview with Bloomberg, Drew Wade, the communication chief of Us Marshals, confirmed that ransomware gangs attacked computer systems holding sensitive law enforcement data, including legal and administrative information.

The data breach also exposed personal information featuring subjects of US Marshals Services investigations and certain US Marshals employees. According to Wade, the Department of Justice has begun to conduct a rapid forensic probe into the attack.

In the meantime, Dish Network Corp. shares have reacted sharply to the attack news, flipping more than 10% in the past few hours. Shares of the satellite television company have fallen to their lowest level since April 2009.

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