Discord to Use OpenAI Technology to Give its Servers Chatbot Conversational and Moderation Powers

Discord has announced that the platform will integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and will launch a public experiment next week that integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot.

The platform will start rolling out improved AI features for its servers, hoping to provide a group-friendly experience.

Discord is integrating AI

Discored announced that it will have a “free, public experiment” that integrates ChatGPT into Discord chat.

The company will be integrating the chatbot to make it easier for users to interact with AI and emphasize how this technology can drive the conversation.

AI technology is currently an internet sensation, and it came to the limelight after OpenAI released the ChatGPT chatbot in November last year.

OpenAI recently released its API, and platforms such as Slack and Snapchat are already integrating the chatbot.

Discord has presented to the press how Discord users in supported servers can launch the AI chatbot. This chatbot will alert users about things such as time in different time zones or explain how to do certain things.

It remains unclear how this AI will create responses beyond questions and answers – the CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, said he was interested in seeing AI existing in a safe and positive environment.

Citron’s assurances come amid controversy about AI chatbots and the accuracy of some responses.

Discord is also releasing AutoMod AI to moderate chats when the moderators are away. AutoMod AI will use a large language model to understand the context of a conversation and issue an alert if the conversation becomes hateful.

The statement said:

“Now we’re taking AutoMod to the next level, harnessing the power of large language models.

“Moderators can leverage AutoMod AI, which will use OpenAI technology to find and alert the moderator whenever the server rules may have been broken, keeping in “mind” the context of a conversation.”

Discord is working on more AI capabilities

This development is just the first step that Discord is taking to integrate AI technology, the company has also highlighted some AI-infused features it was working on, such as Avatar Remix.

With Avatar Remix, Discord users can input a noun as a prompt for the AI to create user avatars and add assets.

Discord’s whiteboard will also integrate an AI prototype, with the company saying it was exploring a “shared visual space” where users can work with others in the chat. It will also have a text-to-image generator that is also powered by AI.

According to the VP of platform ecosystem at Discord, Anjney Midha, 3 million Discord servers with over 30 million users are already exploring third-party AI-based applications, including this image generator.

Despite the controversy around AI chatbots, Discord plans to be unique and become a hub for AI development – the company is incentivizing more companies to bring AI technology within the chatbot.

Discord is also creating an AI incubator program offering cash grants and early access to platform features.

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