Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Crosses $500 Million Generated, Almost as Much as the Diablo IV Full PC Release
Source: Notebookcheck

Exactly one year after its release, the free-to-play mobile game Diablo Immortal has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing the $500 million revenue threshold.

The role-playing game is currently trailing its PC counterpart Diablo IV as the mobile game continues to gain traction amongst gaming enthusiasts.

$525 Million and Counting, Something Else Is at Stake

Diablo Immortal, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, is making significant waves as it achieves record-breaking revenue growth just twelve months after its launch.

According to a recent report from data.ai, the mobile game achieved an impressive milestone of $525 million in revenue.

The Diablo Immortal mobile game is a spinoff of the Diablo Underworld franchise. It was intended to act as a stop-gap solution while Microsoft’s Blizzard and Chinese mobile game giant NetEase focused on developing the next installment of the top PC game.

It has now claimed the 15th position among the fastest mobile games to surpass the $500 million mark within a year, joining esteemed titles such as Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga.

During its year-long rise to global fame, the Diablo Immortal game recorded a staggering 22 million downloads worldwide. This figure excludes third-party Android downloads from the Chinese market and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the latest release of the Diablo series, Diablo IV, amassed a remarkable $666 million in just five days, quickly eclipsing the achievements of its mobile counterpart.

This has sparked questions regarding the continued performance of Diablo Immortal, with concerns arising over potential revenue decline upon Diablo IV’s PC release.

However, the insights from the data.ai report seem to confirm Diablo Immortal’s continued relevance.

Its climb above half a billion dollars in revenue was predominantly driven by the Chinese market, which accounted for 37% of the lifetime spend on the mobile game. The United States market closely followed at 24%.

Nonetheless, the US remains the largest mobile gaming landscape, with 63% of mobile phone owners engaging in smartphone gaming in 2022, according to Daxue Consulting.

This robust penetration of mobile gaming has resulted in the US generating an impressive $5.5 billion per quarter since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Mobile games user survey
Source: Statista

Taking a closer look at the age and gender demographics of the US gaming landscape, a Statista report reveals that individuals aged 25-34 make up the largest portion, constituting 30.6% of all gamers in the country.

Furthermore, a study conducted by Google indicates that females make up 64% of the gaming population, accounting for the rise of a new gaming population in the US.

Step By Step Wins the Race

Despite not being warmly received during its initial release, Diablo Immortal has taken a significant step forward in mobile role-playing.

When it debuted in June 2022, the game faced criticism for its microtransaction scheme and that Diablo games are more PC-oriented than on a mobile screen.

Several estimates suggested that the microtransaction system alone required up to $110,000 in micropayments just to max out your character, causing concern among avid MMO game fans accustomed to the PC version’s familiarity and larger screen experience.

However, the game has defied expectations, primarily due to its immersive MMO experience, impressive graphics, combat, and multiple bosses to battle.

It also includes different interesting zones that gamers can explore on their smartphones.

App revenue generated
Source: Statista

This has seen it break above the initial bias the Diablo aficionados had for the role-playing mobile game.

In 2022, the mobile game gained significant traction, generating a peak in-app (IAP) revenue of $42.5 million in its first month, followed by a slight decline to just below $40 million in July.

Despite the initial backlash, the game ended the year with over $15 million in revenue.

While the upcoming release of Diablo IV may capture immediate attention, the robust mobile gaming market holds immense potential to propel Diablo Immortal to achieve even higher revenue records in the long run.

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