deepl write ai-powered content marketing tool

DeepL, the company behind one of the most sophisticated AI-powered translators on the internet, is launching a new service called Write that will compete directly with the leading player in this space – Grammarly.

According to a press release published earlier today, the service will use the same technology as DeepL’s flagship translation solution to help writers fine-tune their content by suggesting improvements in the style, tone, phrasing, and word choice of their compositions.

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“For both DeepL Translator and DeepL Write, the platform’s unique neural network architecture detects linguistic subtleties and context at a level unparalleled by other AI systems. The networks are continuously trained by the company’s team of world-class researchers, developers, and language experts”, the company stated in regard to the technology that will power this new service.

The software will progressively learn how to come up with even better suggestions as its architecture is designed to do so in the same way that DeepL’s translator has learned how to accurately do its job.

DeepL Uses Recent Capital Injection to Launch a Free Beta Version of Write

The beta version of Write will be available in English and German only and it can be tested for free at DeepL’s Write official website.

The launch of this new service comes roughly a week after TechCrunch reported that DeepL secured $100 million in fresh funding during a round where the company was valued at over $1 billion.

In the case of Write, the service does not aim to compose a piece. Instead, its goal is to help writers in refining their compositions by flagging grammar and punctuation errors while also recommending different ways to write sentences.

The developing team behind DeepL told TechCrunch that they came up with Write after identifying that some users were using the translator to come up with better phrasing for their English writings.

“People were misusing the translator to write texts in first in a different language from English, and then plugging them back into English assuming that they could get the AI to write a better original version”, the CEO and founder of the firm, Jarek Kutylowski, told the tech-focused magazine.

I have tested DeepL for this article specifically and the software came up with nice suggestions for my phrasing, wording, and punctuation.

For this last sentence, this is what Write came up with:

Alternative #1: “I have tested DeepL specifically for this article. The software came up with some nice suggestions for my phrasing, wording and punctuation”.

Alternative #2: “I have tested DeepL specifically for this article and the software came up with some nice suggestions for the phrasing, wording and punctuation that I used”.

Despite the Controversy, ChatGPT Has Turned All Eyes to AI Businesses

AI-powered tools and platforms have grown in popularity in recent years. However, the public’s interest in these programs increased dramatically after the launch of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot created by the company behind Dall-E 2 – OpenAI.

However, the use of ChatGPT for creating content out of small sentences and prompts has been criticized by AI experts, lawyers, and marketing specialists who fear that the technology could be misused to violate copyrights by cleverly tweaking an existing text with the help of this technology.

Grammarly is the leading force in the content marketing tools space created for writers specifically. The app is reportedly used by more than 30 million users daily while catering to more than 50,000 businesses and teams.

In November 2021, the valuation of the firm skyrocketed from $1 billion to $13 billion in a round that included new high-profile investors like Baillie Gifford and a selected group of Blackrock’s clients.