New artificial intelligence (AI) systems like ChatGPT continue gaining mainstream adoption across tech businesses, institutions, and governments.

The United Kingdom government has recently shown significant interest in investing in AI systems, with a senior minister singing its praises in an interview.

AI Systems Gain Traction In the UK

Speaking to The Telegraph over the weekend, Michelle Danelan – the recently appointed Secretary of State, Innovation and Technology of the United Kingdom – said that artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT would play an important role growth of Whitehall.

During the interview, Ms Donelan, who took over the office following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s departmental reshuffle last month, added that ChatGPT integration poses massive opportunity in different sectors.

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. The new chatbot responds to questions and understands the context of follow-up, just like in human conversations.

While commenting about the latest technology, Ms Donelan remarked:

“I think these types of technology are going to create a whole new section of jobs and in areas that we haven’t even thought of, and where this leads us is limitless. We need to tap into that.”

She added:

“Of course, we need regulation in place, and we need safeguards. But we should never be afraid of these technologies. We should be embracing them and utilizing them so that they can lead to job creation here in the UK.”

In an article for City AM on Monday morning, Ms Donelan also revealed the British government is £370 million ($444 million) “worth of fresh investment into research and critical technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and engineering biology with the aim of tackling some of the key priorities of the British people.”

She later tweeted: “Today we’re launching our mission to make the UK a science and tech superpower. The £370m for things like AI and bioengineering announced today will be the starting gun for a Britain that lives smarter, longer, happier and healthier. Read more in my piece for CityAM.”

Impacts Of The AI Systems

Even though new AI systems like ChatGPT – which is one of the fastest-growing companies ever – feature massive advantages, they may also impact job displacement and loss of human interaction.

Last week, Figure, an artificial intelligence robotics company, announced plans to create new general-purpose humanoid robots.

The new general-purpose industrial humanoid robot, which applies artificial intelligence technology, will be used in warehouse fulfillment, logistics, manufacturing, and retail. The latest humanoid robots are likely to replace several employees.

Before summarizing, Ms Donelan advocated the use of artificial intelligence technology despite its short list of disadvantages.

“I think that when we look at all forms of technology, what we should be thinking about is not how this replaces somebody’s job or how this replaces the functions of an individual,” Ms Donelan said.

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