apple classical music app will be launch in late March

A brand new audio streaming mobile application is hitting the Apple App Store on 28 March and the company behind the iPod is launching a product that is focused on a specific niche – classical music.

Apple Music Classical is the name of the new software for mobile phones that will be available by the end of this month.

More than 5 million tracks of the highest audio quality (192 kHz/24-bit) will be included in the app’s library.

It All Started with the Primephonic Acquisition

Apple (AAPL) started to add classical music to its audio streaming app right after it acquired Primephonic in August 2021.

However, it was the company’s intention from the get-go to create a standalone app for the genre.

For example, audio quality is essential due to the complex ensembles of instruments used to create some compositions, while the flawless execution of some musical pieces from a technical perspective is part of why listeners enjoy.

Listeners, therefore, need to be able to differentiate the many moving parts and that can only be achieved with high-quality audio.

No ads will be displayed and those who have already subscribed to Apple Music will be able to enjoy the service for free.

Among the features that the app will incorporate, there will be suggested lists with the most popular classical tracks for the uninitiated.

It will also be possible to search for songs by composer, conductor, and even catalog number, the application’s product description says.

Brief descriptions of the composers and their portraits will be included for each album along with editorial comments about the pieces.

The service will be available in all countries where Apple Music is offered except for Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

In addition, it can only be installed on iPhones running on iOS 15.4 or newer, although there appears to be no version of the app available for iPads.

Meanwhile, the Android version of the app should be released soon.

Moreover, Apple clarified that an internet connection will be required to listen to the songs.

Currently, it costs $10.99 per month to sign up for an individual account on Apple Music and $16.99 per month for the Family package.

Spotify Remains the Dominant Player in the Music Streaming Space

spotify launched a new version of its app

The launch of this classical music app comes roughly two days after Spotify (SPOT) revamped its mobile application to include a TikTok-like feed, several new tools for artists, and an AI-powered DJ feature, along with several other upgrades.

Data from Business of Apps indicates that Apple Music had 88 million subscribers as of 2022. Meanwhile, Spotify has over 400 million users.

Competing in this space for any audio streaming platform is a challenge as the company founded by Daniel Ek is solely focused on developing its app while Apple is a huge corporation with many different successful and demanding business units.

Spotify’s edge has always been the app’s power to come up with overly personalized music selections for users.

This has been achieved through the use of complex algorithms and artificial intelligence and other platforms have struggled – and failed – to replicate this model.

Apple may be opting to take a different approach and offer a differentiated service that caters more to niche audiences rather than trying to mimic what Spotify is doing.

However, the launch of new AI models from companies such as OpenAI may ultimately entice the Cupertino-based tech firm to give the technology a try for its music streaming app to create an experience that resembles what Spotify users are accustomed to enjoying.