ChatGPT is the fastest growing application that the world has ever seen: after being released, it exploded to over one million users within four days.

Since then, OpenAI released version 3.5 and GPT-4, which is 150x more powerful than ChatGPT. It has spawned a range of different use cases and is being hailed by many as “the most deflationary technology the world has ever seen.”

However, the incredible growth hasn’t happened without difficulty, and OpenAI is now facing their first lawsuit with claims that ChatGPT has been defamatory.

Australian local mayor files lawsuit against ChatGPT

There are many limitations to ChatGPT, most notably that the language model doesn’t have up to date information past September 2021.

However, its capabilities to search the Internet are limited, and its reasoning skills aren’t nearly as advanced as the GPT-4 model, meaning that users can sometimes be presented with peculiar information.

In this case, ChatGPT alleges that an Australian mayor, Brian Hood, once served prison time for bribery, which he believes to be defamatory and claims that he will sue OpenAI unless they correct the record.

Brian Hood is concerned for his reputation, and states that ChatGPT is categorically incorrect and that OpenAI should be held to account.

Growing pushback against ChatGPT

There are many more people who are concerned about the potential for ChatGPT, and who believe that research into artificial intelligence ought to be conducted far more carefully than it is today.

Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak have both signed a petition to slow the pace of research and to construct some legal boundaries once society has considered more of the potential ramifications of integrating AI into our lives.

Italian authorities have also taken the move to ban ChatGPT after a slew of privacy concerns and concern over job automation forced the government to take action.

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