Bing Chat, Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence chatbot, is undergoing changes and improvements to adjust its personality and make it more helpful and less stubborn. This is after users complained that the chatbot refused to provide solutions to asked questions.

Bing Chat Keeps Saying No

When the ChatGPT-powered chatbot was launched in March, it attracted a lot of buzz and excitement since users could ask it any question during a conversation and it would intelligently provide a suitable response.

Additionally, it had the ability to provide code for building apps and generate graphic responses like images when prompted to do so. However, people who have used Bing Chat more recently have reported that it has developed an “attitude” and would not generate some responses such as code. Some users took to Twitter where they posted their complaints to Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s head of Advertising and Web Services.

One expressed their dissatisfaction with the Bing Image Creator’s recent update, saying it was still “very restrictive” in terms of producing AI-generated art whereas another user complained that Bing Chat’s Creative mode was malfunctioning and giving users the wrong answers to their queries.

Microsoft Working On An Update

According to a tweet by Parakhin, Microsoft began to release the latest update, Bing Chat v98, on Wednesday. He said the roll-out is a two-stage process where after the first stage, Bing Chat would reduce the rate at which it failed to create responses, be it code or images.

The second stage once deployed, Parakhin said, would reduce the level of disengagement.

Parakhin also went on to address users’ complaints. He responded to a user who complained of incorrect answers from the chatbot saying “Sorry about that. We are trying to have faster responses: have two pathways in the model, run the fast one, check if the answer is good, and if not – run the slower pathway. In this case, it was decided incorrectly that the additional wait is unwarranted :-( We’ll fix it.”

He stated that the company was striving to bring the best experience to every user. He further explained that the two-pathway move was not to save capacity but an attempt to speed up the Creative mode without giving up on quality.

Parakhin also addressed concerns about the new Bing Image Creator function, which was recently released to let users create AI-generated art through Bing Chat. Some users complained of having found it to be fairly limited in its responses to which Parakhin said, ”Also rapidly improving – it is much better than when we first released it.”

Aside from fixing Bing Chat’s personality, Microsoft is also rolling out Bing Chat AI onto SwiftKey Keyboards for Android users. The new Bing AI feature gives users new and improved ways to text and search.

The Bing button is currently available in the bar above the keys when a user opens the keyboard. They may then quickly access the new ChatGPT-powered chatbot without opening the Bing or Edge applications by clicking it, which will display the search option along with the new Bing Chat.

Additionally, the update adds a Tone option meant to aid users in creating documents, emails, and other types of content. The option allows one to type what they want to say in a field and offers writing suggestions depending on a few distinct tones. It then automatically fills the field with the text that had been entered in the text box.

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