Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence company OpenAI is launching its much-anticipated ChatGPT app for Android. The mobile app is expected to launch fully next week, but interested users can pre-register to access the app.

AI in Your Pocket – Every Day, Every Time

The influence of mobile applications in driving internet penetration is undeniable. OpenAI recognizes this and is capitalizing on it by announcing the launch of its AI tool, ChatGPT, on the Android platform.

According to a tweet dated July 21st, the Android app will become available on the Google Play Store starting next week.

The announcement follows in the same footsteps of its iOS launch in May 2023, which brought the web functionality of the hugely successful AI-powered chatbot into smartphones for iPhone users.

Similar to its web version, the Android app will facilitate the synchronization of users’ conversation history with the AI tool. Moreover, OpenAI has prioritized user security, incorporating enhanced features to safeguard data and privacy.

OpenAI has been the catalyst to what is now termed the AI gold rush. Since its debut in November 2022, ChatGPT has launched multiple iterations of its AI software, with GPT-4 technology being the latest version that users rely on.

The company has also reinvented the artificial intelligence story from just being a side project many companies were engaging their free time with to serious business tools. More companies are now turning to these intelligent virtual assistants, with many using them for writing, coding, and even automating their lifestyles.

However, OpenAI is not the only company looking to leverage large language models (LLMs).

Multinational tech giant Google has also launched its lineup of AI tools, including its in-house chatbot called Bard. Like ChatGPT, Bard responds to text-based prompts and provides users with answers to queries within seconds.

Meta has also joined the LLM race, launching its project called Llama 2. One notable aspect of Llama 2 is its fully open-source nature, setting it apart from ChatGPT when it was said to be closed-door in its operation.

The LLM model also has multiple sizes, including 7B, 13B, 33B, and 65B parameters.

This would allow users to run the LLM software with fewer computing resources than its competitors allow it to work with.

Be Among the First Users

The new ChatGPT Android app is currently operating with a waitlist, giving those who register beforehand the advantage of being the first users.

To secure a spot, interested users can pre-register for the app on the Google Play Store. OpenAI advises simply tapping the green ‘Pre-register’ icon beneath the app’s name, which will initiate the pre-registration process.


A pop-up window will then confirm the successful pre-registration for the Android app.

OpenAI has encountered some challenges since introducing its AI product. The AI tool has faced accusations of generating misinformation and facilitating cheating.

In response to the recent regulatory pressure, the company has announced that it will be implementing AI content watermarking.

This move is part of a broader effort by seven leading AI companies in response to President Biden’s call for voluntary safeguards to manage the potential risks of AI in everyday applications.

By taking this stance, OpenAI aims to avoid attracting unwanted attention from government agencies and demonstrates its commitment to responsible AI development and deployment.

Despite the growing scrutiny from regulators, the allure of AI remains strong. Even the tech giant Apple is set to join the AI game with its upcoming AppleGPT chatbot service.

The chatbot service is expected to hit the iPhone by next year.

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