A recent survey by the Bank of America (BoA) shows that artificial intelligence (AI) is more than a trend. The survey found that about 40% of the US population consult ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots several times a week.

Generative AI Adoption Soars

The release of ChatGPT undoubtedly brought about the generative AI hype. Since then, the tech industry and the world at large have been talking about the technology. Companies have even gone ahead to integrate AI into their systems, services, and products.

Most of the world seems to believe that AI is a trend that will fade away after its time. However, statistics prove this assumption otherwise. The BoA survey, which involved more than 1,160 U.S. internet users aged 18 to 55, found widespread usage of Open AI’s ChatGPT and other rival chatbots.

According to the survey, 4 out of 10 internet users use chatbots frequently. More specifically, 59% of those surveyed use ChatGPT, 51% Bing, and 34% Bard. On a daily basis, a little over 30% of respondents use Bing and Bard whereas 23% use ChatGPT.

When asked which one they would choose if they could only access one of the three, 49% chose ChatGPT, followed by Bing (26%), and Bard (21%). This gives an indication that the generative IA race is currently being led by OpenAI followed by Microsoft which partnered with the Sam Altman-led AI startup.

Considering that OpenAI recently released the app version of its chatbot, 67% of people stated that they have or want to download the ChatGPT app for their smartphone. Exactly half of these said they would pay for the premium version of ChatGPT, compared to 43% for Bard and 36% for Bing.

This preference for ChatGPT is very surprising since unlike its rivals, ChatGPT lacks current news, sports, weather, or other information from after mid-2021 when the collection of its training data stopped.

ChatGPT vs. Bing vs. Bard

The results of the BoA survey also revealed that about 60% of internet users are now using ChatGPT for search instead of Google. Fortunately for Google, 45% said they will use Google Search more with the integration of conversational AI tools. 19% said that they would use it less because of ChatGPT and Bing.

Source: AI Business

The findings give rise to concerns about Google’s capacity to maintain its leadership in internet search. However, Justin Post, BoA’s internet analyst, is optimistic about the future of the tech giant.

“We are bullish (potentially more than the Street) as we think Google search will see a strong benefit from AI tools for advertisers in 2023,” he wrote. And over the long term, AI “will improve ad relevance in results,” he added.

On the other hand, the survey bears positive news for Microsoft, whose Bing Search has been underperforming. The study found that 40% of internet users use Microsoft’s Bing search chatbot on a weekly basis and 30% use it daily.

For mobile, Microsoft and OpenAI have taken a head start. “Bing and ChatGPT are very likely to draw some interest (more than Bard) and app downloads ahead of Google LLM integration into mobile search,” the analyst said.

Post added:

“Longer-term, Google has natural advantages for mobile including data and distribution, and we expect Google to maintain its share of commercial queries.”

Lastly, the survey also provides insights into the use cases for which users employed chatbots. For all the 3 chatbots, respondents mainly used them for generating ideas and searching for information.

Source: AI Business

More specifically, 73% of ChatGPT users utilize it to come up with ideas whereas 60% look for information and 51% produce content. Bing is utilized by 65% for search, 58% for idea generation, and 44% for email response.

For Bard, 56% of users use it for search, 53% to generate ideas, and 50% to respond to an email.

All in all, internet users are adopting AI, possibly faster than how people in the 90s adopted the internet.

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