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Blake Resnick is a Thiel Fellow and the CEO of Brinc Drones, which has just achieved a $300m valuation after raising capital from the likes of Sam Altman and Sam Bankman-Fried.

Who is Blake Resnick?

Blake Resnick is the 23 year old founder of Brinc Drones, a company that specialises in creating drones. Their stated mission is to build these drones “in the interest of public safety”.

Resnick has managed to grow the company incredibly quickly thanks to being elevated by Peter Thiel, and the company is now producing a range of different products with the market capitalisation steadily growing by the day.

The two flagship products of Brinc Drones are the LEMUR 2 and the BRINC Ball. According to their website, the LEMUR 2 is designed to enter dangerous situations with the goal of keeping people safe, and has a variety of use cases such as search and rescue, hostage negotiations, dealing with barricades and conducting negotiations.

Brinc Drones will benefit from DJI being sanctioned

Resnick once worked at DJI as an intern, and is already leading the way to compete with the company. Fortunately for him, it seems as though his efforts may prove to be fruitful, with his old employer having now been sanctioned.

The reason that DJI was sanctioned is that they are a Chinese company that is believed to have links to the Chinese military – for this reason the US authorities have determined that it is a threat to their national security.

Until very recently, DJI was extremely dominant in the markets and had established a fantastic reputationfor selling commercial drones. Brinc Drones hopes to fill the void that the company has left and is positioned to benefit handsomely.

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