Bing AI There have been many questions over the ways in which different artificial intelligence platform may seek to monetise: OpenAI charge a $20 monthly subscription to give full access to their platform, but don’t show ads anywhere. Now, Bing AI Chat has started showing ads to their 100m daily users.

Bing AI hopes to rival Google

For many years Bing has been on the receiving end of many jokes in their bid to try and rival Google, which has been the far more popular search engine for quite some time.

However, their determination to continue to innovate has meant that they may finally have some tools which can really allow them to challenge the hegemon. Bing’s integration of AI language models has caught Google by surprise, who rapidly launched Bard.

However, Bard has experienced a plethora of issues, not least of which pertaining to the fact that the AI is incapable of doing simple mathematics.

Bing AI now showing ads to over 100m users

After dramatically increasing the number of users on the platform to over 100m, the team at Bing have decided to monetise their reach by showing ads.

Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, may be in line to benefit even more dramatically in the future, given that Microsoft has now acquired many of the exclusive rights to the OpenAI codebase, thanks to the terms of their investment.

The race in the war to develop the most powerful AI is hotting up, but future experimentation may run into some barriers now that the likes of Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak have signed a petition to limit future AI research without appropriate understanding, guidelines, and laws in place. The petition specifically asks that we consider the pros and cons of allowing AI to play such a large role in reshaping society.

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