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Bill Gates Says This Industry Will Change the World as Profoundly as PCs Have

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the most well-known voices in the world of Internet and computers, and is now weighing in to share his perspectives on the world of artificial intelligence, which he believes will be extremely transformative.

Gates is bullish on self driving cars

In particular, he believes that the industry of automated vehicles is one that will benefit enormously, and that the societal implications of this will be extremely profound: imagine never needing to drive a vehicle ever again.

At Microsoft, there are various teams working on pushing forward in areas such as self driving vehicles and automation, and the integration of AI could open a series of doors, such as removing human drivers from Ubers, saving significant time commuting, and using your car to collect food from McDonald’s.

“I believe we’ll reach a tipping point within the next decade. When we do, AVs will change transportation as dramatically as EVs changed work.”

The potential to completely remodel the world of transport could potentially save economies around the world trillions in GDP thanks to the heightened efficiency.

Concerns arise over Microsoft’s control of AI

One of the main concerns that has arisen recently has been that of Microsoft acquiring the exclusive rights to OpenAI’s codebase as a part of their investment agreement.

Many believe that this will give Microsoft an unfair advantage, and that this technology ought to be open sourced instead.

As such, there is currently a petition circling that has been signed by Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, asking for there to be a halt on all AI research since there are questions about it that society must answer before it becomes out of control.

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