overwatch 2 global release

The widely-awaited launch of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 multiplayer shooting game is a done deal but not without hiccups as the newly released game has been disrupted by a couple of DDoS attacks, the developing team stated.

Users started to experience issues while logging in right after Overwatch 2 went live and those who managed to get into the game were kicked out from the action on many occasions. Initially, users thought the network was congested due to the game’s significant popularity and players’ eagerness to get in.

However, the President of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Ybarra, tweeted yesterday afternoon that Blizzard’s servers were experiencing “a mass DDoS attack” and stated that this was the cause of the connection issues.

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack is a coordinated event that consists of sending significant traffic to a server or its surrounding infrastructure to compromise or slow down its functioning. Ultimately, these attacks can lead to the collapse of a network and prevents users from accessing its contents.

The challenging factor of these cybersecurity incidents is that it is hard for the attacked party to differentiate between legitimate and fake traffic. This typically delays the process of finding a resolution and could have a significant impact on the operations and financial performance of a business that relies on a fully-functional web-based or mobile app to generate revenue.

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DDoS attacks may be used by hackers to deviate attention from an active breach of other more sensitive areas of the system. In some cases, hackers take advantage of the fuzz to penetrate a company’s firewalls during the updates and upgrades they have to introduce to deal with the original attack.

Other reasons to carry on this kind of attack include humiliating a competitor, political or social activism, taking revenge for something the targeted organization did, or just for fun.

Blizzard Still Struggling to Solve the Overwatch 2 Connection Issues

Roughly 10 hours ago, the Overwatch 2 developing team published a new entry in the game’s official forum commenting on the issues. According to the post, they were still addressing some of the issues that caused the disruption and told users that they may still face “login queues, server crashes, and stability problems”.

The list of issues listed by the developing team was not short and this indicates that it may take a while for the game to stabilize.

Despite the importance of this game in terms of franchise continuation, the numbers dictate that its impact on the top-line performance of Activision-Blizzard could be negligible as franchises aside from Call of Duty, Candy Crush, and WoW, generated only around 10% of the firm’s revenues back in 2021.

That said, the incident does not help Activision-Blizzard in reversing the current downtrend that its usage figures are experiencing.

According to the firm’s 2021 annual report, the number of monthly active users (MAUs) has been dropping from 435 million back in March 2021 to 371 million by the end of 2021. Meanwhile, the drop in Blizzard MAUs started before that as MAUs moved from 29 million by the end of December 2020 to 24 million by the end of December 2021.

Activision-Blizzard may not have to worry about the impact that these incidents may have on investors’ perceptions about the company anymore as Microsoft (MSFT) will soon become the sole owner of the game developer.

However, the firm founded by Bill Gates is probably disliking what is going on with Overwatch 2 as it adds up to a growing list of issues that the acquired firm has been experiencing lately and that could lead to further drops in its MAUs.

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