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Axis Technologies (AXTG), a decentralized digital asset holding group, has announced its partnership with Save Planet Earth to launch a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Save Planet Earth anticipates leveraging the NFT project to accelerate its multi-year digital carbon offset program and plant more than 100 million trees.

In an August 11 announcement, the digital asset holding group confirmed a five-year partnership with Save Planet Earth (SPE) to support its multi-year digital carbon offset transformation program.

The joint team plans to digitize its environmental conservation program and plant more than 100 million trees. While commenting on the new business plans, William Tien, the CEO of AXTG, remarked:

“The Carbon Credit and carbon offset shifts around consumer financial needs and behaviors, along with the expectation for consistent customer engagement across channels, impose unprecedented demands for technology and speed of execution which now includes carbon labeling.”

In turn, Imran Ali, the founder of Save Planet Earth, has expressed his anticipation for the partnership and new NFTs, noting:

“Moving to the digitization of carbon credits is another key component to our physical tree planting transformation.”

AXTG And SPE Partnership

Axis Technologies Group Inc. is a publicly traded digital holding company promoting the development, management, and marketing of various aspects of businesses surrounding decentralized finance (DeFi).

Axis Tech is renowned for establishing CARBONIS, a blockchain solution platform, providing a digitized carbon offset and carbon credit marketplace. The blockchain solution platform makes it easier to track, verify and manage business and investment data.

Under the new partnership, AXTG will leverage CARBONIS capabilities to create new digitized trees to provide climate change sustainable tools and helps eliminate poverty. For the next three years, AXTG will focus on planting more than 100 million trees.

According to AXTG, the NFT project will generate 100 million tons of carbon credits at a minimum cost of $10. AXTG will take advantage of Fintech, blockchain, DeFi, NFT and carbon offset digitization, metaverse projects, opportunities, and initiatives.

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