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April’s Fool’s Day is a notoriously bad day to make announcements, and for companies who aren’t able to navigate the waters well, it can lead to a lot of confusion and derision.

Asus recently fall into this trap with the launch of their new handheld console, which confused the markets as they weren’t certain whether or not it was a joke.

It took some time for Asus to rectify this error, only making the correction two days after the announcement, on April 3rd.

Asus launches a competitor to Steam Deck

The handheld device is designed to operate as a competitor to Steam Deck, which is a handheld games console developed by Valve.

The world of handheld games consoles has been somewhat diminished over the last few years. Gone are the times when Nintendo DSs and PSPs were commonplace, since mobile phones have been able to replace much of the gaming world – over 60% of virtual games are now played on mobile devices.

However, the team at Asus are confident that world of handheld consoles is not dead, and they are vying to carve out a new position as the market leader in the industry.

Preorders will be live soon

Despite the lacklustre messaging on behalf of Asus, which made many believe that they weren’t releasing the console at all, the company has confirmed that they will be producing this product and that it will be available for preorders soon.

One can sign up for the preorder now on the Asus website in order to stay informed about when the device will become available.

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