Astranis satellite

Astranis, one of the largest satellite startups in the United States, has confirmed ready plans to launch its highly anticipated internet. Last week, the space tech firm dispatched its first satellite product from its San Francisco headquarters.

Established in 2015, Astranis Space Technologies is a firm building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites to seamlessly connect over four billion people across the Earth who currently do not have access to the internet.

Astranis Set To Launch Its Satellite Next Month

The space tech firm began its satellite deployment several years ago. In October 2022, Astranis Space Technologies won a $4.5 million contract to integrate a U.S. military communications waveform on one of its satellite communications payloads.

The geostationary satellite startup launched its first product in space earlier last week. It has taken the startup more than 300-person staff, hundreds of millions of dollars, and four years to build the inaugural product, which is just the size of an industrial dishwasher when its arms are folded.

According to the site publication, the new satellite is anticipated to offer services early next month. It will provide billions of customers with wireless broadband internet and connectivity for the US military.

Astranis has already set its geostationary satellite at more than 22,000 miles above Earth. While expressing his happiness when the forklift loaded satellite into the 20-wheel truck last week, John Gedmark, the chief executive officer of Astranis, remarked:

“When it’s up in position, and we’ve got radio tuned in, we’ll pop some champagne.”

VC Firms Seeded $6B In Space Tech In 2022

Data analysis confirmed that venture capital investors invested over $6 billion in space-related techs in 2022. Andreessen Horowitz is a perfect example, which has invested thousands of dollars in Astranis Space technology, raising its valuation to $1.4 billion.

Astranis anticipates using the secured funds to launch more satellites on another SpaceX flight before the end of summer. Some customers, who have showcased an interest in using the upcoming network, include Alaska’s Pacific Dataport, a Peruvian telecommunications provider, and inflight connectivity company Anuvu Operations LLC.

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