Apple's Vision Pro AR Headset Is Great for Meta VR
Source: Road to VR

Meta was surprisingly unfazed after Apple unveiled its augmented reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. This headset, priced at $3,500, combines the real and digital worlds seamlessly.

With its superior features, the AR headset poses a challenge to Meta’s Quest 3 in the VR headset market, setting the stage for intense competition between the two companies.

However, despite Apple’s entry into the market, Mark Zuckerberg remains unfazed, stating that Meta had already explored all the technology in the Vision Pro headset.

Meta and Apple Fight it Out in Race to Widespread VR Adoption

Technology is constantly evolving, and virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR ) have emerged as exciting frontiers.

However, VR headsets currently have some drawbacks. They often appear bulky and heavy, giving an unnatural and antisocial appearance when worn.

Additionally, the content designed for Meta Quests isn’t quite up to snuff. There are quite a few great, highly lauded VR games that thousands of people enjoy like Beat Saber and Super Hot.

Meta’s own VR software and experiences (like its Metaverse), however, are generally plagued with subpar graphics and silly-looking avatars without legs in the metaverse add to their disadvantages. Despite these issues, some people recognize the value of the company’s VR headsets.

The upcoming launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset has created a buzz in the tech industry. Its potential to make Meta’s offerings even more desirable cannot be overlooked.

Apple recently announced the Vision Pro headset and “spatial computing” concept at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

This new headset, set to be released next year, has a price tag of $3,500 and includes high-resolution displays and cameras that allow users to view the real world while using it.

The Vision Pro is primarily an AR device, but it also has the capability to transition seamlessly between augmented reality and full virtual reality modes through a dial.

Users can navigate through rows of application icons by directing their gaze toward the icons, eliminating the need for controllers.

Apple’s new headset may seem like it puts them in direct competition with Meta, which has been producing Quest headsets for several years, but it’s not that simple.

They likely won’t compete much because they are entirely different products for different groups of people. It’s likely that only wealthy tech-enthusiasts will pick up a $3,500 Apple Vision Pro whereas the Quest is meant for the (mostly middle-class) masses.

If wealthier enthusiasts are looking for an extremely high-end VR headsets, they probably wouldn’t be considered the Quest anyway. Instead, Apple’s new headset will likely compete more with the Valve Index from Steam or the HP Reverb G2.

Although Meta’s devices are dramatically cheaper, with the Meta Quest 2 priced at $299.99 and the upcoming Meta Quest 3 at $499, they lack some of the features and general quality Apple offers.

Despite the higher cost of Apple’s device, they plan to showcase it in their stores, increasing exposure to VR for a wider audience.

The tech company has a history of convincing people to buy products they initially didn’t think they needed or wanted.

Meta Welcomes the Rivalry With Apple

Apple’s foray into the AR and VR world is likely good for Meta, at least for now. The introduction of Apple’s headset is likely to broaden the market appeal of VR/AR technologies.

This move could lead to an increase in demand for VR/AR experiences, benefiting both Apple and Meta as more people explore and engage with the world of immersive technology.

Apple vs Meta VR
Source: Dexerto

However, Mark Zuckerberg appears unfazed by Apple’s release of the Vision Pro.

According to The Verge’s report, the CEO stated in a companywide meeting that Apple’s device has no noteworthy technological advancements that Meta hasn’t already explored.

He also stated that the device’s intended usage aligns differently with his vision.

Additionally, Zuckerberg highlighted Meta’s advantage of affordability, with the upcoming Quest 3 headset priced at $499 compared to the Vision Pro’s hefty $3,499 price tag.

However, this doesn’t imply that Apple’s foray into virtual reality won’t pose challenges for Meta.

While Zuckerberg may feel at ease, Meta has been under considerable pressure following Apple’s announcement.

The Quest 3 was unveiled just a few days prior, even though it won’t be available until autumn.

Meta has long aimed to establish itself as a leader in the virtual and augmented reality realms, investing billions of dollars annually, which has raised concerns among certain investors.

But Apple’s new headset launch poses a substantial challenge in terms of competition.

Can Apple Broaden AR/VR’s Market Appeal

Competition in the technology industry often leads to innovation, and Apple’s entry into the headset market is no exception.

As VR companies compete for market dominance, they will likely push the boundaries of VR/AR technology to deliver new and exciting experiences, securing their bottom lines.

meta vs apple
Source: Yahoo Finance

This competitive environment fosters innovation and benefits consumers, who look forward to a wider range of cutting-edge products and experiences.

Apple and Meta may not be direct competitors yet but there are rumors of an upcoming cheaper Apple headset intended for the masses that would compete with the Quest series. Regardless of the outcome, increased adoption of VR headsets would be advantageous for both companies.

Zuckerberg expressed excitement and optimism, stating that witnessing the competition and strategies further fueled his belief in the significance and success of Meta’s initiatives.

As the VR tech giants battle it out, users can expect a future of immersive technology becoming an integral part of everyday life.

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