Apple vs Intel: The Apple M2 Ultra Mac Pro comes in $40,000 cheaper than maxed out Intel counterpart. Discover more about new Mac Pro here.

Apple Inc., the global tech behemoth, has once again made waves with the introduction of their new M2 Ultra Mac Pro.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the top-of-the-line variant of this latest offering is a staggering $40,000 cheaper than its maxed-out Intel chip based predecessor.

Despite the reduction in price, Apple has not skimped on performance, offering dramatically enhanced speed and capabilities.

This significant shift redefines what consumers can expect from a premium computer system, but also comes at a time of increased pressure both the consumer and Apple.


The price point reduction is linked to declining Mac sales, fuelled as continued economic tightening hits consumer spending power.

It is hoped the -$40,000 price reduction will boost sales at a more accessible entry price.

Power Meets Affordability: A Closer Look at the Apple M2 Ultra Mac Pro

The Apple M2 Ultra Mac Pro, retailing at $6,999 for the base model, showcases Apple’s commitment to offering superior power and performance without compromising on affordability.

For an additional cost, customers can avail the upgrades that include the M2 Ultra chip with a 24-core CPU, 76-core GPU, and 32-core Neural Engine for $1,000, and 192GB of unified memory for $1,600.

A massive 8TB of SSD storage is also available for $2,200, and buyers have the option to add wheels for $400 and the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for $149.

Once these additions are tallied up, the total cost comes out to $12,348.

Even with the inclusion of software such as Final Cut Pro ($299.99) and Logic Pro ($199.99), the final cost still stands at $12,847.98 – a significantly lower figure compared to the 2019 Intel-based Mac Pro’s astronomical price tag of $53,799.

The M2 Ultra Mac Pro’s advanced specifications, coupled with its more palatable price tag, allows users to save on their initial investment while not sacrificing any performance capabilities.

These savings could be put towards other high-end Apple peripherals like the Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass and a separate stand for $5,999, or perhaps towards their state-of-the-art Vision Pro headsets retailing at $3,499.

Reimagining Computer Performance with the New Mac Pro

What makes this price drop even more impressive is the incredible performance the M2 Ultra brings to the table.

Billed as Apple’s largest and most capable chip ever, the M2 Ultra is a testament to Apple’s relentless innovation in chip technology.

Using Apple’s ground-breaking UltraFusion technology, it connects the die of two M2 Max chips, resulting in doubled performance.

Sporting 134 billion transistors – 20 billion more than its predecessor, the M1 Ultra – the M2 Ultra supports up to a staggering 192GB of memory capacity, 50% more than the M1 Ultra.

It also provides a whopping 800GB/s of memory bandwidth, twice that of the M2 Max, along with a CPU that’s 20% faster, a GPU that’s up to 30% faster, and a Neural Engine that’s up to 40% faster.

Given these specifications, the M2 Ultra stands as a benchmark for future personal computer performance standards.

The Mac Pro, powered by this chip, promises to deliver performance that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Despite the reduced price point, the M2 Ultra Mac Pro maintains Apple’s tradition of merging high-performance computing with sleek, user-friendly design.

Whether it’s professional video editing, advanced 3D modelling, or complex data processing tasks, the M2 Ultra Mac Pro is a powerful, cost-effective solution that redefines the high-end computer market.

In the competitive world of personal computing, Apple’s M2 Ultra Mac Pro is a game-changer.

This advanced machine offers a perfect blend of power, performance, and affordability, showcasing Apple’s unwavering commitment to pioneering technology that meets the needs of a broad range of users.

Whether it’s professionals seeking advanced computing capabilities or general consumers looking for top-tier technology, the M2 Ultra Mac Pro sets a new standard for the industry.


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