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Apple Inc. the American tech giant could be gearing up for a revamped smart lock screen display powered by the upcoming iOS 17, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The new interface would likely display key elements like calendar appointments, the weather, and notifications when the smartphone is locked and in a horizontal position.

Gurman revealed that Apple’s smart lock interface will resemble the dedicated displays offered by Amazon and Google. Although Google Pixel devices have a smart lock screen interface, it is activated with the Pixel Stand.

With the new iOS 17 set to launch later this year, Apple has embarked on a broader mission to ensure iPhones can still provide people with critical information even when the screen is locked and perhaps on a nightstand or desk.

Apple’s Upcoming Smart Lock Screen Catching Up to Android

The Android operating system introduced the smart lock screen interface, although in its rudimentary form in 2019. Some Amazon tablets have always been released with this option which allows them to transform into an interface mode similar to the company’s Eco Show smart-home devices.

Amazon Eco Show Devices | Photo courtesy of India Today

Alphabet Inc.’s Google, on the other hand, offers the smart lock screen display on its smartphones such that as soon the Pixel has been placed on the charging stand, the user can access different settings, or display a slideshow of pictures stored in Google Photos.

In addition, the Pixel offers Google’s At a Glance widget, which displays the date, calendar appointments, air quality alerts, and other practical notifications. These features are conveniently available from both the home and lock screens.

Generally, Apple is working on enhancing its software by bringing real-time information much closer to the users of its devices, which will include updating the Apple Watch interface.

These improvements are part of a larger strategy for iOS 17, internally referred to as “Dawn.” The tech giant is expected to release the new software to the public later this year.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple will unveil the software, along with its Reality Pro VR headset. There’s a lot more iPhone users can expect from Apple this year, including the updated view designed to invigorate user experience.

Gurman, who is well known for his reliable Apple leaks, explained that the weather, calendar appointments, and notification widgets will display on a dark background and feature in bright text, as an improvement to the iOS 16 lock screen widgets.

The iOS lock screen widgets could only display limited information including news updates, stock prices, and the temperature.

Apple Plans Oodles of Upgrades For the iPad With iOS 17 and More

The iPad is also expected to receive the smart lock screen feature in addition to a magnetic mount – a complimentary accessory. With such an upgrade, the iPad can rise to compete with the Google Pixel Tablet which has always stood out due to the speaker doc that supports device charging.

Apple iPad | Photo courtesy of Apple

In addition to upgrading the iPad, Gurman said that Apple might be eyeing the smart-home display segment with the low-cost tablet device. In addition to attaching to stands and walls, the tablet will be designed to remotely control certain things in the house, including lights, and thermostats as well as manage FaceTime chats.

Another interesting feature likely to launch with Apple’s iOS 17 is the journaling app, which can be used to document thoughts and experiences all day long with ease. The robust iOS 17 will also support an updated Wallet app and enhance Apple’s location services.

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