Apple Music Set To Introduce a New Karaoke Feature Called Sing If you have an Apple Music subscription, you will shortly be able to enjoy it as a Karaoke platform to sing along with the song. Apple has officially stated that the feature, which lets users perform duets, take the lead, sing backup, and more, will be accessible to Apple Music members.

It’s named Apple Music Sing, allowing you to play a song, see the lyrics while the music plays, and even adjust the vocal settings so you can perform. You can sing along with the vocals of the original singers, play as a backup vocalist, take a backseat, or even sing a duet with another person.

Apple Music’s Sing will allow listeners to sing along in an unmatched Karaoke experience.

The feature uses the company’s already outstanding lyrics system and will be available to users later this month – unless they subscribe to the Apple Music Voice plan. According to Apple, the karaoke mode will provide users access to more than 50 specialized “companion playlists” that include karaoke-ready music and animated lyrics that match the vocals.

However, the streamer did not specify whether these songs would be from various genres, such as Bollywood, to attract the South Asian audience. However, Apple stated that its Music Sing-optimized playlists would have all of the duets, epic songs, choruses, and anthems driving people worldwide to sing.

What Do You Get?

The new Apple Music Sing feature includes various features designed to give you a complete experience of singing along to a song. You can mix up the vocals on the millions of songs in the collection to create your own track or sing like the original singer and take the lead with the customizable vocals.

The lyrics are clever, identifying who sings what and dividing the lines to the opposing ends of the screen. Real-time lyrics leverage animation to display the progress of a song and its vocals, with lyrics dancing to the song’s beat. Background vocals appear in a separate animation from the main voice to help with comprehension. Then there is a Duet View, which allows multiple singers to show up on other sides of the screen for duets and multi-singer tracks, allowing various people to sing along to a song.

Apple Music’s lyrics experience is consistently one of the most popular features on our service.Oliver Schusser, Vice president of Apple Music and Beats

Look for the microphone icon with stars surrounding it to adjust the vocals with the volume slider. You can lower the professional voice to a minimum by adjusting this. While it won’t totally mask the original, it will be quiet enough for you to sing over it without feeling like you’re challenging anyone.


To use Apple Music Sing, you must have a compatible iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV to view the lyrics onscreen. You’ll need a strong processor as the new dancing lyrics and its audio effects are done on-device. It can, therefore, only be used with an iPhone 11 or later, an iPad Air, an iPad Pro 11-inch, or an iPad, an iPad mini, as well as the Apple TV 4K.

This year, Apple will also introduce Apple Music Replay. The tool allows users to see and hear charts of their favorite songs, artists, albums, and playlists from the previous year and the total minutes spent on the site. One new update is that diehard fans can find out if they are among the top 100 listeners of their favorite genre or artist.

Apple Music had a successful 2022 as well, reaching a milestone in October when it added its 100 million music to the streaming platform. That tops the 82 million tracks and podcasts on Spotify, the 80 million songs on YouTube Music, and the 90 million on Amazon Music.