Amazon has unveiled a new market program called “Amazon Anywhere” to enable users to discover and buy physical products from the stores while playing video games, using mobile or AR applications.

In-Built E-store in the Gaming and Application Industry: Impact on Amazon Ecosystem

To take the immersive virtual experience of global customers to new standards, Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, introduced a business-to-business e-store to seamlessly support video, AR, and mobile app makers in selling their physical items.

The renowned e-retailer new store enables developers to advertise and sell merchandise and customized physical items directly through their respective platforms.

Enthusiasts can purchase their favorite physical items on Amazon e-store incorporated into their video games, AR, and mobile applications.

According to the public press release issued on Tuesday, Amazon joins Walmart, Gucci, Nike, PacSun, and Lacoste in offering virtual and physical merchandise in games.

With Amazon Anywhere, individuals can access high-quality physical goods on Amazon without leaving their game or application, and Augmented Reality (AR) enthusiasts are not left out.

Players of the Peridot pet simulator AR game can seamlessly link their respective Amazon accounts to the game and purchase branded t-shirts, hoodies, throw pillows, phone accessories, and much more.

Users will see product details, eligibility, availability, and estimated delivery in real-time and can check out their purchases via their in-game account.

Once an order is placed and processed, the “Amazon Anywhere” program will ship physical goods to buyers’ addresses.

The goal behind creating the new e-store is to give global customers a new and immersive way to discover customized and high-quality products in platforms and applications beyond the Amazon store.

Steve Downer, the Vice President of Consumer Electronics at the e-commerce giant, iterated that the company is on a mission to create a dynamic paradigm for shoppable entertainment and sophisticated yet thrilling digital experience.

At the same time, Amazon will continue to steer through a complex-free pathway to meet all user’s demands in all regions with their favorite physical items.

Individuals’ shopping experiences have also been broadened.

The Amazon Anywhere marketplace program is integrated inside games (including AR concepts), and applications go beyond the usual digital currency or in-game assets.

Developers and app creators can leverage the new Amazon e-store innovation as a portal that enables enthusiasts to engage with their platform, enjoy thrilling actions, and purchase branded physical products of their choice without switching to another app or website.

This new integration may sound basic, but to core game lovers, the new e-commerce program will offer intrinsic value like never before.

Several years ago, Niantic, the developer of “Pokémon Go,” had lots of players spotted at parks buying only digital characters, which was complex and time-consuming.

Amazon Store’s new holistic approach intends to set a new paradigm that enables customers to buy game and application products without having to leave the game, the easiest route ever.

Already partnered with the Peridot AR gaming platform, Amazon Store Inc. remains open to more game and application adoption from developers and creators.

There’s a growing anticipation from gaming communities targeted at future versions of their favorite games to incentivize players with bonuses for purchasing physical products through Amazon Anywhere.

The incentivization model, if modeled, could be a great advert and marketing channel for developers and creators to entice more players to their ecosystem in the future.

Tech and e-commerce experts are bullish on the new incorporation of Amazon. They predict that the new e-store will propel the tech multinational retail platform growth, currently valued at $106.62 per share, to greater heights.

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